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My New Favorite Video!!

Okay, you have to watch this thru to appreciate it.

So, just getting back from the NKOTBSB concert in Montreal last week (which I WILL be posting about soon) I am all over the New Kids again like a fat kid on chocolate.  I’m (apparently) reliving my tween years….reverting back to my 13 year old self.  I’ve found all my old collectibles, which I have – over the years – refused to throw out.  This includes all my New Kids posters, magazines, trading cards, stickers, etc. etc. etc.  Yes, I’m THAT much of a dork.  I had a hard time letting go of my old Cosmo mags back in the fall, but I will not give up my New Kids fanfare.

Anyway, if you know me at all, you can recall, back in their heyday, Jon Knight was (still is!!) my favorite New Kid.  Did you know that Jon has serious anxiety and panic disorders?  I get panic attacks and they’re bad but nothing like he has.  It’s why he quit the group back in the 90’s.  (You can watch him and brother Jordan on Oprah talking about it…it’s on Youtube too.  I remember watching it 10 years ago).  Anyway…this recent concert video is AWESOME.  And the guys are a yummalicious!!    Again, you have to watch it thru (and if you look closely at the 1:32 mark Joe hits the mic and says “oh shit”) to appreciate it and the support of Jon by his fellow band members.  I think the sweetest moment is Jordan’s coming to Jon at the end of his “moment.”  Yes, I’m a wiener but this video made Jaime cry and she doesn’t even like Jon (she’s an asshole – hahaha!).

My Quest aka My Obsession

Alright, so a few months back I was skimming a daily I subscribe to and there was an article on fashion.  One of the displayed items was a tulle skirt from H&M.  It was so beautiful that I kept going back to the page and admiring it.  I saved it.  I printed it.  I found it in a magazine and ripped it out.  I keep the pictures in my purse at all times.  Since then I have been obsessed with finding this skirt.  I drove allllll the way to the City to the only H&M story in Nova Scotia and they didn’t have it.  I couldn’t find it on their website either.  I was checking daily and often for this damn skirt.  Several weeks went by and I phoned the H&M store asking if the skirt had come in, giving a full description and the price.  The dude at the store said he had 3 skirts that matched that description and would put 2 of each (2 sizes) on hold for me until I could make it back to the City two days later. 

I was ELATED that I was finally going to get my skirt.  I drove another hour into the City to pick it up.  Um, yeah, no.  The skirt never came in.  It wasn’t coming in.  And NOTHING was on hold for me.  I was pissed off (luckily I had other business in the City that day).  The manager looked up as much info for me and told me that the skirt would not be coming to the store b/c that particular store did not carry that collection.  WTF??  He gave a description for their book and the number for head office.  I emailed the H&M head office twice looking for the closest store to carry that collection and/or if I could possibly order it.  In the meantime, I got cousin Annie-Lou to phone several stores in the Vancouver area to see if she could locate it.  She had no luck.

Eventually, H&M HO got back to me saying the closest store that would carry the collection is one in Montreal.  Welllllll, that’s actually not so bad.  I’m going to Montreal in a few days.  I’ve been telling my fellow road-trippers that my goal is to get this damn skirt.  I’ve been planning everything around this skirt.

But last weekend Blair and I were in the City with the girlies and Emma asked if we could run into H&M for a minute.  When we walked in THERE was my skirt.  It was like something out of a “Wayne’s World” movie – the glow surrounding it, the trumpets from the heavens.  I was so happy that I even hugged Emma.  (Good Grief!)  I grabbed two skirts – size 6 and size 4 – and headed to the dressing room.  I could barely contain my elation, my happiness, my ecstatic-ness.

I ended up purchasing the size 4 and then proceeded to call my mom and text all my friends who’ve had to listen to me rant and rave about my hunt for this skirt.  It was a celebration.  Well, for me, anyways. 

Anyway, Lisa is probably very happy that I finally conquered this obsession.  Thanks for your support along the way, Lisa-Lou.  xo

And just so you can all see, here is a photo of the skirt:

(click on the photo for a larger version)

Now I am on to hunt #2.  I saw this gorgeous DKNY swimsuit in a Lou Lou magazine ad recently and fell in love with it.  Of course, the DKNY version is $106 and I’m a cheapskate (tho I did pay FULL PRICE for my skirt), I am hoping to find a similar one a little less expensive.  All right, a LOT less expensive.