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Junk Lovin’

Sooooooo….as of late I love “scrap shopping!”  I was never a person big on the yard/garage sale scene…my grandmother lived for weekends when she and my grandfather could hit the back roads of rural Nova Scotia (and beyond!) and stop at every yard sale.  They found some great finds.  

Unfortunately, my OCD and snobbery prevented me from EVER doing this.  Up until recent years I couldn’t even go vintage shopping in clothing stores (aka Frenchy’s to most of us).  But after getting a slight grip on my phobia of other peoples’ dirt, I’m finally able to second-hand shop with the best of them. 

And I LOVE watching Storage Wars…it’s sort of a new obsession.  Blair and I came across the show one night while channel surfing and have been hooked ever since.  It’s fun to watch (even if it is scripted – we’ll never know) to see what kind of things the main cast find in the abandoned lockers.  And some of the things that people will LEAVE in lockers is incredible.  Which is why many people may wonder if the show is staged (don’t forget editing, people).  [If you think about it – a lot of belongings go into storage as a result of a person’s death.  Once there is the matter of dealing with the deceased person’s Estate items will go into storage.  Probate and Estate issues can drag on and on and on {my personal knowledge comes from having worked with a law firm that dealt a lot with Estate and Probate}.  Anyway, oftentimes, as the Estate battle is dragged on and on the storage locker fees will be overlooked.  And the managers don’t give a hoot if the items are faulted on b/c of legal battles….and in turn the lockers are auctioned off.  {I would be superpissed if I missed out on a $CHA CHING$ payout b/c some fool forgot to pay the $99.95 monthly fee!}]

The show makes you want to go thru all your crap and see what kind of treasures you have.  I have an old oil painting that I picked up a yard sale years ago that I LOVE but I have no idea who the artist is or if it’s worth anything.  I have some antique jewelry and I have 3 old books all printed at the turn of the century or just after – the Complete Works of Shakespeare, Brahm Stoker’s Dracula and The Grapes of Wrath.  I did some researching online and they could all be worth a small bundle.

Makes ya wonder……….

And like they say: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” – I’m just certain to bring lots of hand sanitizer with me on my hunts.

Cheers!!  (PS – it’s Adventure Day tomorrow!  Yay!!)


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Party of One



So, right now the weather is looking so-far, so-good.  Although we had quite the thunder and lighting storm last night that sent Winston nearly thru the roof.  Poor Crazy Kitty.

Here’s hoping that this weekend will be gorgeous and I can get some sun and work on darkening my skin a wee bit.  I know, I know….SPF, right?

The Man is working an OT shift tomorrow so I’m spending the day with the Abster.  I have lots of plans for us – provided the weather is nice AND she cleans her room.  It’s disastrous.  Yikes.  However, if things go my way I’m hoping to spend some time outside.  I’d like to do a little yard-saling or Frenchy shopping (Abby LOVES Frenchy’s), maybe go to the park or maybe to the shore to collect sea shells.   I’ve also got my old ball glove in the trunk of my car so maybe even a little game of catch.  She’s only 6 so I’ll have to go easy with her.   Let’s just hope the weather is nice.

Next Friday I have the day off and I’ve been planning an adventure.  Blair’s working that day so I had hoped to get some time off by myself and I was planning on a huge adventure on my own…semi-Goonie style.   Amy K. notified me this morning that she has taken that day off as well so here’s to a great adventure with a friend I’ve had for more than 25 years. 

Usually I want to spend every spare minute I can with Blair when I’m off but this day I really just wanted for myself.  I want to go to the harbour and explore the coastline, I want to swim in the freezing water, I want to get lost in the afternoon sun, I want to have a drink on an outside deck. 

I used to live for summer vacations when I was younger but this whole grown-up-working-for-a-living thing gets me bummed out a bit.  And I think it’s important to have time to myself.  As much as I love, love, LOVE Blair, I don’t want to lose who I am, and that’s a mistake I made in a past relationship.  I let go of my independence.  That’s not happening this time around.  (Although I am the first to admit I’m fairly needy and I miss him when I’m not with him and I want to be with him when I can’t.  Perhaps if we lived in the same town it’d be even just a tad bit easier and I could let go of that particular insecurity.)

I’m planning to stay semi-local that day but if anyone has any suggestions for me for things to do on a summer Friday morning/afternoon I’m open to hearing them.



The Untimely Death…of a Friendship

We’ve mostly all been there…experienced the end of a friendship without an explanation or even a bit of being in the know.  Losing a friendship is a hard thing to go through.  And it’s even harder when you’ve had no notification or justification.

I had a friend.  We were pals all thru elementary school (starting in Primary) and thru high school and beyond.  We used to hang out all the time.  We went to parties together, went shopping together, I even got her a job with me years ago.  Eventually I moved in just up the street from where she and her then-boyfriend lived.  And she house-sat directly across the street from me.  She was one of those friends who was always in your back pocket.  And then one day she was gone.

Without notice or explanation she cut me off.  No, she cut me out….out of her life and I haven’t heard from her since.  Occasionally I will see her pop up on Facebook (just in passing since she also removed me as a friend) and I can see that in the few years since she booted me from her life she has gotten married to a new guy (the one I believe she may have cut me off for…she’s one of those girls who will do whatever it takes for her beau) and had a baby. 

I, at first, made several attempts at communication.  I sent her emails explaining that during our last communications – by phone and email – all was well and that I’m not understanding what had happened.  I’d asked her several times for at least a reason or explanation on why she is throwing away our 25+ year friendship.  I never received a reply.  Ever. 

One day I got really peeved and had had enough.  I sent her a wonderfully semi-nasty email telling her how immature she was and if she ever decided to grow up and grow a backbone and let me know what exactly the problem was I would be happy to hear it.  But I’m so done with it. 

In all honesty, yes, it hurts.  It saddens me – I think mostly because I just don’t have a reason.  But I still pray for her happiness and well-being and I know that some day she might break down and let me know.  But I have moved on.  I really don’t have room in my life for fairweather friends and I refuse to be a doormat to ANYONE.  So, until the day that I hear something from her (I’m not holding my breath) I will continue to think of her on occasion and wish only good things for her.

Cheers to my REAL friends.  😉


Me and "my former friend" in happier times....many years ago (well, maybe 4 or 5)

A Little Inspiration…PLEASE!

Hey y’all!  So here’s the deal:  I’ve got several great ideas for upcoming blog posts BUT I’m asking for a little help for future posts.  I’m challenging you all to offer me three ideas (I’ll settle for one) to write about.  Subjects can be funny, serious, helpful, suggestive, or even challenging me to watch some garbage on tv that I normally wouldn’t see or music I wouldn’t listen to, etc.  I think this could be something so fun.

I look forward to your suggestions, dearies.  🙂