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The Reasons I Blog


Someone asked me not too long ago why I blog.  She said she just didn’t get the idea behind blogging. 

What started off as a hobby several years ago has grown into something a whole lot bigger.  Back about 6 years ago (maybe more?) I started “blogging” to my friends.  I was sending out what I was calling my “Weekend Updates” – little emails that covered my adventures (as there were many) from the past weekends.  Several friends, had I not sent something by Tuesday or Wednesday, would send me haha-hate mail requesting that I get my butt in gear and send around in mass my “Weekend Update.”

Eventually, I stumbled across the Windows Live Space and decided that I would create something there and just email the link.  After several years with the WLS it grew (not by choice) to a WordPress Blog site and from that became available to people in other forums, not just my little clique.

Another reason I blog is because I love to write.  I’ve been a writer since I was able to hold a pencil properly.  I love telling stories.  I love creating ideas.  I love having a say.  I’ve been published numerous times and on many scales – small and large.  I’ve created childrens books, poems, plays, short stories, essays, and have been working on my “novel” for so long that I almost can’t be bothered anymore.  

I like that the blog is not one-sided and not one-dimensional.  I can write on any topic I want:  Personal, Political, Humor, Fashion, Food, etc.  It’s up to me.

I love the feedback that the blog offers.  It allows me to have conversations (and sometimes arguments) with people about things that we maybe wouldn’t normally talk about.

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas to write about and sometimes I just don’t have the energy or care to write anything.  But I know that my blog will always be there when I’m ready. 

I’m careful not to put out too much personal information.  I like having some anonymity.  Of course, my friends all know who I am and who I’m referring to, but when it comes down to it they’re likely gonna hear what I have to say anyway.

But beyond that, there are probably a few more reasons I blog.  I like to (sometimes) go back and have a laugh at the things I’ve written or the moments I experienced (I really recommend everyone read “Let Your Backbone Slide”) and there are plenty of moments I’ve forgotten about but have been lucky enough to relive due to a previous post.  There are many times I’ve gotten nostaligic and have gone back and read some of my old journals – this is really no different, except that it’s public.

So, there you have it – the reasons I blog.


Blueberry Pie and Sunday Dresses

I have one last post for the 14-Day Blog Challenge, but with my dad being in the hospital the past few weeks, I haven’t much been feeling jolly enough to deal with it.  But today, with my dad feeling better at least, I figured I’d go ahead and post something random.

A few weeks ago I had two little monkeys for a sleepover.  The littlest monkey had an allergic reaction to sir Winston and his poor little eyes got all puffy and buggy…..but he’s still cute.

They have SO much fun with their Aunt Sandy – we went to the park, played with Winston, played old school Nintendo and had some yummies.  Seriously, could their lives be any better?

IN the evening I made a blueberry peach pie – a recipe  that I had seen a few weeks before and was dying to try.  Summer fruit is the best!

 I had initially planned to bring  the pie (well, at least some of it) to my dad but he went to the hospital that night and hasn’t been home since and the pie sorta disappeared over the next week.  And it was delicious!

I’M all about trying new recipes and I had been wanting to also try making Fennel Crisps.  Eventually I got around to picking up some fennel and followed the recipe to a degree and it turned out so yummy.


What You Need:

4 bulbs fresh fennel
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon lime juice
1/2 teaspoon white balsamic vinegar

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F. Slice the fennel bulb lengthwise to create disk-like slices. Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper or tin foil. Lay out the sliced bulbs, and sprinkle with sea salt and garlic. Drizzle with lime juice and vinegar. Bake for 40 minutes or until desired crispiness.

THIS is one of my favorite casual dresses.  I wear it to work,  to the mall…basically, it’s so versatile that I can wear it anywhere.  And I LOVE that it has pockets because I can be somewhat lazy and I hate to swing my arms.  (Insert Seinfeld joke here.)

And I love the shoes.  I picked them up from the Jelly Cupboard a few years ago.  They were $120 marked down to $12.  SCORE!!  What I like best about them is that they make my legs look long; totally accenting my cankles. 🙂

THE other night I tried out a new recipe for “pasta.”  Instead of using actual pasta I washed and peeled a few carrots.  I used a carrot peeler and sliced them into ribbons.  Then I boiled the carrots for a 3-4 minutes then drained the water.  After that I added my pasta sauce (I used alfredo) and BY GOSH!!  It was the best darned pasta I’d had in a while.  In fact, it was so good that I made it again on the weekend for Blair to try.  I didn’t tell him what he was eating right away but he liked it.  I’m a genius.


I picked up this dress back in the early spring and COULD NOT wait to wear it.  I love it!  I just think it’s so pretty and has such a 1950’s feel to it.  It’s gorgeous.  I wore it again recently to a bridal shower I 

threw for my friend, Stephanie.  I got so many compliments from people, including from a cleaning lady in a public bathroom.  How sweet.  I especially like the high waist tie this dress offers.  I have no real defined waist line and I have short legs and an incredibly long torso…and of course, those cankles I mentioned…so the design of this dress compliments my awkward body shape.  This dress is made my Suzy Shier too – my go-to place to shop.  🙂

HURRICANE Irene made her semi-lively appearance in Nova Scotia last night and this morning it was still incredibly windy.  I decided it was perfect for going for a run (I’m gearing up to go for another run in a bit).  So, after my run, some housework and a gorgeous afternoon with my friend Angie Whoreface and a visit from my Aunt Peggy (champagne in the afternoon anyone?) I felt a little pooped.  

I LOVE seeing profiles of my nose..Man that thing is HUGE!!  😉

THERE’S a song by Blue Rodeo called Girl in Green.  Catchy off-beat song with Greg Keelor on lead vocals.  I picked up this vintage green dress at Frenchy’s a few years ago and it’s been sitting at my parents’ place since then waiting for my mom and me to alter it.  I’d actually forgotten about it but a recent post by a fashion blogger reminded me of it and I picked it up today.  I love the color of it.  And I happen to think I look pretty good in green.  But the dress STILL needs to be altered.  It’s too big everywhere but I had a little photo shoot with it anyway.

I love this dress so much so I can’t wait to get it altered so that I can wear it out in public.  And I think I might invest in more items that are green.

AH yes, and the shoes….I picked up these Guess! shoes in Maine last November.  I love them!  I’ll likely break my ankles again wearing them but at least I’ll look good doing it. 

SO there you have it.  A little food, a little fashion and a visit with my monkeys.  Now, if we can just work things out great with my dad then everything will be ticketyboo.


#13 – List 3 Confessions

Three confessions?  Um, not really sure where to start.  Most things I am pretty open about.  Let’s see what I can provide:

1) I was once a runner up to be on a Canadian reality TV show – U8TV – The Lofters.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U8TV:_The_Lofters

I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for it when they were first throwing out the idea and I made every attempt to be part of that project.  I had many communications with the producer and finally what it came down to were two things: 1) location 2) They had already select one “Sandy” to be on the show.  WTF?  Whatev!  I watched for the first little bit and eventually gave up on following.  But it would have been a wonderful experience.

My Dad and Me

2) I always wanted a Bill Cosby/Tony Micelli type relationship with my dad.  I never had a close one with him and was always envious of friends who did.  I even envy Blair’s relationship with Abby….bc it was something I longed for as a child.  Right now my dad is in the hospital – in and out of ICU and it is devastating to watch him go thru what he’s going thru.  I don’t hug my dad….and my mom was trying to get me to hug him last week.  I told him if I hugged him now he’d think he was worse off than he already thinks he is.  The first thing that pops into my head when hugging my dad….awkward.

3) I sometimes wish I was still in high school.  Life was SO much easier when I was younger.  However, I wish I was who I am now….but transferred back to high school age.  I like who I am now, for the most part.  I have a better grasp on things now than I ever did back then.  And I’m more fashionable AND funnier now.  🙂  Life was just easier…this whole “workin’ for a living” thing can sometimes be a drag.  🙂


Why The LONG Face?

Alrighty, this is one of those posts that’s sure to get me sent to Hell.  😦  It’s semi-offensive (well, it’s offensive to those I’ve made fun of.  Whoops) but it’s been a stressful week and I need to lighten the mood a bit.

I am a fan of actor Eric Balfour but I’ve said to Blair on more than one occasion while watching Haven, ” He looks like a pirate.”  He’s got a very long and angular face.

Eric Balfour

Do you get it?  Why the long face?  Hehehe (I’m sorry Mr. Balfour).  So, without further adieu, this is a post of many of the mean nicknames I (and my friends) have given to people.

(Note: Some photos won’t post properly so click on the thumbnail and don’t complain. *wink*)



I worked with a guy at Tim Horton’s named Anthony.  He was small and skinny with yucky teeth and a ratty goatee.  He was one of those people who was so not asthetically pleasing that he was placed on the backshift and to pack – because the boss didn’t want him out front anymore than he had to be.  He was a nice guy but he got stuck with the nickname Splinter because, as per my description above, he resembled Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I don’t know if he didn’t get it or just didn’t care b/c he would refer to himself as Splinter.

SPEEDBUMP – This was the name given to a guy in my high school.  His name was Tony and he was short and round and reallllly strange.  Someone started calling him Speedbump and it stuck.  I see him walking occasionally and I still chuckle.

SKIN-TOO-TIGHT – This dude worked at Dairy Queen (actually, he STILL works at DQ) when I was in high school and worked at Tim’s.  His face looked like it was too small for his head and his skin was stretching across his skull.  He’s creepy and he likes the young girls.  In fact, he’s older than me and tried to pick up my 15 year old cousin, Tanya (she’s now 25) and I freaked out on him and threated to kick his ass.  He once told a friend that “it’s okay b/c I look young.”  Um, no.



This was a Tim’s customer (you’ll see a pattern here) who tried to pick up my coworker at a dirty bar.  He’s mixed race (black & white), which doesn’t make a difference, except he has really pale, almost gray eyes – so they stand out and with his skinny head and

sunken in cheeks he really looked like Skeletor from He-Man.

PRISON GUARD – I worked with a girl named Danielle.  She was heavy-set and had a bad attitude.  She stomped around pissed off all the time and could not take orders.  She would get mad every five minutes and would yap off or throw things or swear.  I eventually started calling her Prison Guard behind her back b/c, well, she reminded me of a prison guard.  It eventually caught on and others would refer to her as that (NEVER to her face).  I had talked about her to my friend Steph who eventually started working with us.  Stephanie DID NOT KNOW BETTER and one day called Danielle Prison Guard to her face.  Danielle didn’t know what she was talking about so Stephanie sorta nicely told her (not everything).  Danielle thought it was funny (I don’t think she realized we were making fun of her) and started referring to herself as Prison Guard.


We had another customer at Tim’s who had a sandy blond mullet, wore beige work boots and just all around looked like Joe Dirt.  There was no other name for him.  It suited him perfectly.

BUCKETHEAD – A guy I met thru my friend Sherry had a MAMMOTH head.  I mean, this thing was huge.  And on top of that gigantour melon of his had massive amounts of thick, curly hair.

RAT BOY – This dude worked at the gas station.  He and his sister both looked like rats.


We all know that Cindy Crawford is beautiful.  One of the most beautiful people (and my favorite model).  Well, there was a lady who would come thru the Tim’s drive thru – she never had her hair brushed (I think she basically crawled out of bed and came for coffee), she never wore make up or dressed neatly (sometimes she WOULD be in her robe/PJs) and she always had a scowl on her face.  She wasn’t an attractive woman – to say she was ugly would be an understatement – and her meanness made her moreso unattractive.  She had a bad attitude and was bitchy.  So, to be funny, I one day started calling her Cindy Crawford.  It’s an insult to Cindy but it caught on quickly and we all had a good laugh at bitchy woman’s expense.

DIRTBALL BOYFRIEND – There was a cruddy guy who had a crush on me.  He was married and he was gross.  He would be at my work at 5am when I started my shift, would sit and stare at me and, no word of a lie, would go and park next to my car until my shift ended (stalk much??).  He would try to talk to me and on occasion would follow me places.  It got to the point were I would have to have male co-workers walk me to my car….mid-day.  Eventually my boss told me to start parking out front and finally he put the run to him.  Better the boss than my dad…..HE has a shotgun!!

HITLER – One asshole regular at Tim’s (see?  Didn’t I say there was a pattern??) would come by around 7:30 every morning.  He was mean and just a blatant dick.  We started calling him Hitler b/c he would yell at us.  Eventually I started saving old grind-filled coffee when I started my shift at 5am.  I’d sit the last of the pot on the back burner and let it stew till I saw him in the drive thru (20 minutes fresh my ass!).  He got what he deserved.

TREVOR – Okay, this isn’t really a bad name but it’s funny.  We had a new guy start at work, Trevor.  For 3 months I tried to talk to him.  I’d ask him a question and he’d never respond.  I was like “WTF is his problem.”  Then one day someone asked me why I call him Trevor….his name was Jeremy.  Bahahaha.  Awkward.  I still call him Trevor, for old time’s sake. 🙂


#12 – Somewhere You’d Like to Visit

I love to travel.  I’ve done quite a bit in my little lifetime.  We used to do a lot when I was little.  My family and I have been all over.  And I’ve done a wee bit of travelling in my adult life but there are still a few places I’d like to get to.

I would love to someday get to Greece.  I think it looks like a beautiful place to be and I can’t wait to go.  It is romatic and exotic and historical.  There’s a poster on the ceiling of my dentist’s office and I’m always staring at it during my visits.  I am always mesmerized by it’s beauty and mystery.  I look forward to the adventure. 

This summer I have been hoping to get to Mahone Bay.  It’s only an hour away and I’ve been there tons of times but it’s one of those places that will take up your day – walking, scouting out craft or artsy stores, soaking up the gorgeous scenery and loving every minute by the water.  If I had a year to do whatever I wanted I would be happy to live by the Mahone Bay shore and write and be inspired by all that this quaint little community has to offer; that again being beauty, mystery and romance.

Where would you like to travel to?

Cheers & Happy Weekend!!

#11 – Go for a Walk. Come Back with One “Treasure.”

Alrighty, a little cheating tonight since I haven’t been doing much walking – too much time at the hospital.  😦

But, I snapped a photo of this rock I found at the beach several weeks ago:

It’s quarter moon shaped and looks a bit like crystal on top.  I thought it was pretty unique.  And it sparkles so that’s a bonus.


# 10 – List Your Top 10 Pet Peeves


1) Chomping (mouth open) on your gum.  Gross.

2) I hate it when I’m talking to someone on the phone and that person is having an online conversation with someone else (Elizabeth, this means you!!).  It drives me nuts.  And it’s rude.

3) Bad Grammar Bothers Me.  STOP BEING SO LAZY and learn to speak!!

4) I hate it when the bed I’m sleeping in is not made properly.  And I hate it when my sheets aren’t tucked in at the bottom.  I don’t like having my feet exposed.  I think it stems from a childhood fear of Dracula biting my toes.  I’m serious.

5) It GROSSES me out when I can hear someone peeing.  If there is a fan in the bathroom USE IT!!!

6) I get soooo irritated when I’m waiting in a line up and someone comes along and just stumbles up to be the next person.  CLEARLY you’ve seen me waiting, right?  Eff off and move to the back.  I’m not afraid to tell people anymore.

7) Telemarketers with bad manners.  Okay, telemarketers alone are bad enough…but it’s even worse when I have someone phone and he/she is so rude.  If I ask to take a message please don’t just say no or hang up.  Say “no thank you.  Goodbye.”  – it’s better than nothing.

8) I hate having my routine interrupted.  Most people who know me know that my weekday routine is to work out AS SOON as I get home from work.  It pisses me off when people continue to call during those workout periods.  I’ve stopped answering the phone.

9) I also get annoyed when someone phones me and doesn’t ask me if it’s a good time or if I can talk and then decides to spout off for 15 damn minutes about nothing when I might have something important to do. Whenever I phone someone I ask “what’s up?”, “what are you doing?”, “can you talk?”, etc.  There.  That’s your lesson if you’re reading.

10) And finally, my last peeve is people in customer service who are assholes.  Seriously.  If you hate your job that much, maybe you should stay home.  I don’t want to feel your miserable-ness.  I don’t want my day to have an “Eeyore” spot on it because you are hungover, tired, not in the mood to be there, or just a jerk.  Suck it up and deal with it.  WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.  We all have had jobs we hated.  Don’t bring your bad mood to work.  I don’t want to deal with it.



#9 – Describe Your Perfect Date

My idea of the perfect date?  Hmm, I’m not sure if I have one.  I think that if you’re with the right person and have good chemistry then you can have a great date doing anything.

My first date with Blair was pretty great.  We met at a local pub for a drink and some get-to-know-you conversation.  We sat on the deck in the early summer evening but eventually it started to rain so we moved inside.  Of course, after a bit I was freezing cold sitting in the air conditioned restaurant after having gotten rained on (I’m such a big baby).  So I was comfortable enough with him to invite him back to my place for a drink and to continue the date – something I wouldn’t normally do.  When we got back to my place I slipped on the rain-soaked steps and of course, let my true self SHINE thru – ending up with a huge bruise from my knee down to the top of my foot (to know me is to love me). 

We had a glass of wine….he brought in a shitty Mike Myers movie that I just couldn’t bear to remember….and we chatted the night away.  It was great.  We talked and talked and talked.  And before the night was over I MADE him give me a kiss.  I told him I had a good night and I wanted a good night kiss.  🙂 

Our next date in was just as great – we talked and played old school videos on Youtube.  The important thing on any date is to have fun!!





#8 – Write a Letter to Someone Who’s Hurt You Recently


The things you’ve done this past year are ridiculous!  You are showing the world how lame and childish you are.  I thought we had moved on from the weak little tiff we had more than a year ago but your antics continue to prove your immaturity.  And the more you act on your dislike, or whatever it is you’re showing toward me, the more stupid you’re looking.

I’m going to continue to be me, that is nice, honest, friendly, MATURE, and hospitable.  When you can “build a bridge and get over it”, perhaps we can have a conversation.

In the meantime if you’re going to continue to be an asshole to me please do so all the time….don’t put on an act for others.  Show them the real you….the evil little girl who keeps coming out to play.  Truth of the matter is, we all talk….I know what everyone else thinks of you.  And it’s not a good thing.



#7 – List the Concerts You’ve Attended

Oohh…a fun post and a fun time trying to remember all my concerts.  Let’s see what I can do.  I’ll start with the best of the best:

1) Bryan Adams (my first BIG concert.  I was 15.) – The lineup for the day went like this: Sloan (their first big public event), Sass JordanExtreme (hells yeah!), Steve Miller Band and ending with Bryan Adams.  I started somewhere in the middle of the crowd and by the end of the night and Bryan’s time on stage I had made it right to the front!  WHOOT!

2) Greenday – It was their heyday and I bought my ticket for $10 from someone whose parents wouldn’t let them attend the concert.  I tagged along with some friends who had gotten tickets together.  When we got to the concert the security guard “turned his head” so that I could sneak onto the floor and be with them.  Semi-front again.  Lineup also includedTripping Daisy.

3) I Mother Earth – I had a little thing for Edwin and was soooo excited to get a ticket.  I was standing in the front row next to a speaker and couldn’t hear for days.  I don’t remember who opened for them.

4) Our Lady Peace – My BFF Kim and I had both gone crazy for OLP and she bought me a ticket for Christmas.  We had a blast.  There were several opening acts including Everclear.

5 & 6) The Tragically Hip – I saw these guys twice.  The first time I went with my friend Dave, BFF Kim and her then-boyfriend. It was a blast!  The second time I went with a guy on a second date (see VERY BAD FIRST DATES {https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2007/02/19/bad-first-dates/} for the backstory on this).  The concert was awesome, what I can remember of it.  The date….awful!

7) Rock Fest ’99 (Okay, that may not be the actual name of the concert) – I got off a plane returning from B.C., slept for a few hours and then drove with my buddy Dave (again) to N.B. for this 2-day concert.  Can’t remember the full lineup but some of the acts included: Matthew Good BandBig SugarLee AaronBig Wreck, (Huey Lewis was on the list to play but was a no-show…boo), and the Headliner was ZZ Top.  I’m sure there were other bands and I’m gonna have to do some digging to see if I can find a list of all the acts.

#8 – Def Leppard – I went with Steph to this concert.  I barely remember it.  I have no idea who else played.

#9 – April Wine – These guys played in Windsor several years ago.  It was a fun concert.  A local band, Eddie’s Basement opened for them…and I think another “bigger” band was there.  Can’t remember.

#10 – Trooper & Nazareth – Another concert in Windsor.  It totally rocked.  I made friends with Ra Maguire (lead singer of trooper) going into the concert and we were totally front & center for Nazareth.  In fact, my friend threw her underroos on the stage and Dan McCafferty totally thought they were mine.  AWKWARD.

#11 & #12 – Blue Rodeo – Saw the amazing guys twice in the last few years.  Love them.  Love them.  Love them.  MetJim Cuddy & bought him a drink.  Got a backstage invite from Bazil Donovan.  They have wonderful opening acts which are normally Canadian, including Dustin Bentall and Kendel Carson (who I adore).

#13) Nickelback – The Canada Day Concert-on-the-Hill a few years ago had a headliner of Nickelback with a lineup that included Hedley (they rocked!), Chris Daughtry, Default, Staind, Finger 11 and ending with Nickelback.

#14) – NKOTBSB – *sigh* My 13 year-old self’s dream-come-true.  Seriously.  I have always loved the New Kids on the Block and just 2 months ago some girlfriends and I took a 16 hour roadtrip to Montreal to see them in concert withBackstreet Boys.  What a great show.  Jordin Sparks opened for them.  Meh.  Boring.

Edit note: I save EVERYTHING so most of the concert ticket stubs, posters and newspaper clippings are below. 🙂

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