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A Funny Guest Blog Post


Hey y’all!  My cousin Tanya has a blog she contributes to every so often.  One of her posts CRACKS me up.  Every once in a while I will read this past post just to have a good laugh.  It’s one of those things where I have to cover my mouth so I don’t laugh out loud.  To me, it’s hilarious.  Tanya has graciously permissioned me to re-post it.  Thanks Cuz.


Blast from the past

A friend of mine the other day posted some snippets (is that a word) from her diary when she was young. I thoroughly enjoyed reading diary posts from when she was littler, but I know that my diary from back in the day is lonnnng gone.


The other day, I went to mom and dad’s to look through the boxes of my old stuff. In it, I found “All About Me” Charlie Brown’s Cyclopedia. Its a book that you can write stuff in about yourself.

I’m not gonna post everything, but the funny stuff; I shall. In bold is what they have written (and they left a blank spot for you to write in you answer. Italics is my answer.

Page 1: I was born on Septemder 7 1985 (I guess I wasn’t good with my b’s and d’s yet)

My favorite food is rice and hamburger.

I am very good at printing a story (yes, printing. Not writing), spelling maths (plural, apparently) singing danceing (not so good with the spelling evidentally) humming (wtf)

Page 4

The thing I like to do best with my family is do tricks (not sure what kinda magic we were doing when I was 7, but oh well)

Other things we like to do together are ABCS (yeah, it was all in caps). have ticle fights (again, not so much with the spelling)

Page 6 (this page was all about school, but the bottom answer made me laugh)

The most interesting thing Ive learned so far this year is how to play floor hocky (again, with the spelling. But, the funny part is, in grade 1 or 2 (so, sometime around when I wrote this) I stepped on the floor hocket net and smashed my chin on the ground. Had to get 3 stitches. I don’t think I “learned” very well)

Page 8

Think about ways you like to spend your free time. What are some things you do just for fun? read, sing and bik (bike, I assume)

Page 9

My hobbies are clen my bedroom (HA!)

I collect rocks (that would explain why I had no friends)

I take jym lessons. (Again, spelling out the window)

Page 11

The kind of music I like listening to is rockinrol (Rock on, 7 year old Tanya. And yes, it was written just like that)

The kind of music I like to sing is rockinrol (At least I consistently suck at spelling)

Some of my favorite songs are smoth songs ( HA! I assume I mean smooth songs. But that leads me to ask what the hell would I consider a smoooooth song?) madonna (Um. She’s neither ‘rockinrol’ or ‘smoth’ songs.)

My favorite singer or group is new kids on the bolk (Yeah, I was obsessed. My favorite was Joey.)

My favorite musics instument is my voise (Aww)

Page 12

The funniest thing that ever happened to me is I swolod my tooth (True story. I was eating some cucumber. All the sudden my tooth was gone. The tooth fairy believed me :D )

Page 14

My favorite kind of program is full house (At least this didn’t classify me as a nerd)

My favorite show is full house (didn’t see that one coming, did ya?)

If I become a star in a TV show, I will be DJ from full House.

Page 20

When I clen my room, I feel very proud. (I guess that’s why I thought I did it so much?)

My parents are proud of me when I go to selep , clen my raam

My teacher is proud of me when I do my wrok nete.

The proudest I’ve ever felt was when I wote a story very nete.

Page 21

The things I like best about how I look are my hair (awwww)

My friends like the way I am (touche, 7 year old self)

Page 22

My best friend is Tierney, Tyra, Gavin, Ben (truth be told, I actually had a crush on Gavin, and Tierney liked Ben)

He/She is my best friend because Tierney and Tyra are nice. Gavin and Ben are fast (I liked my friends to be fast?! Wtf?)

Page 23 is a page where your friends can sign.   … My parents signed it. Awww

Page 24

If I invent a game, it will be about skiping.

The name of my game will be skping with the ball

This is how I will play my game: you take 2 ropes and a ball you skip wiwil (while?) the ball is bowsing (bouncing?) (I’m inventive. Double dutch with the added difficult of a ball.)

Page 25

I have a pet cat. Its Her name is Fluffy.

I would describe my pet as very bautful and sweet (That ‘beautiful’ was seriously a guess. I was trying cursive. I can make out a ‘b’, and then its just a bunch of bumps and such until the ‘t’.

I like to pet my pet. (*eyebrow*)

If I could have any pet, I would have a grbel (I dont know why I scratched this out, and why I didn’t put anything back in its place)

The most un-usual pet I’ve ever seen is snake (again, dont know why its crossed out)

I take care of my pet by peting caring

Page 26

Places where I have been are school, uper clamins park (Wow. School, and one amusment park. I’m awesome)

My favorite place was uper clamins park (well duh!)

I went with mom dad nikol (I have no idea who Nicole is)

Page 27

Souvenirs I’ll bring back are t.srts (of “Uper Clamins Park”?)

I was cool.

 From: http://tanyaslife.wordpress.com/