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My Adventurous Weekend!!

I finally had my weekend of adventure!  Well, sort of.  🙂

Friday Amy K. and I headed up past Hall’s Harbour to Huntington Point.  We walked along the beach and combed for sea shells, cool rocks and sea glass (Amy found the only sea glass).  I found a ton of shells for Abby (so she can make bracelets with) and some gorgeous rocks – even some crystal and one piece of Amethyst.  Yay.

As we were making our separate ways down the beach to a tiny cove a little voice inside me said “look up” and when I did I saw a passing whale rise from the water and give a little nod and a smile (okay, maybe not quite that friendly but it was pretty remarkable…especially for our location.  Not too far off behind them we could see streams and shadows beneath the water which we’re assuming was a pod.  It was incredible…even if the latter was only our imaginations.   We also saw a few seals (I like to call them water dogs) and met two old ladies who braved the icy water (which I’m assuming is to blame for one of them FARTING above the waves.  Terrible. ).

Eventually we made it to a little rock formation which we climbed on top and relaxed in the sun for a bit.  Amy wanted to check out a small stream of water and I was determined to make it to my cove…so off we went, separately again.  As I got closer and closer to the clove and the rocky cliff I could hear this humming.  I looked out into the water thinking a boat was passing but the water was clear.  There was nothing in sight for as far as I could see.  As I got closer to the cliff the humming got louder and then I could hear a “tick tick tick tick tick tick” which, in turn, got louder the closer I got to the ground.  There was a small opening that ran length-wise along the whole bottom beneath the cliff.  THIS is where the ticking was coming from.  I figured no one would believe me so I took a video of it specifically for the sound.  Has anyone seen LOST????

Anyway, eventually Amy and I made our way back to where we started and headed off the mountain.  We stopped at a little cafe called “Goodchild’s Tea Room” for a late lunch.  OMG.  The service (by the owner) was impeccable.  The food was delicious.  And everything was homemade right there.  I cannot wait to go back.   Check out http://www.goodchilds.ca for some info and their menu.

I had some fun with Cat and the blond monkeys that night at the park and Cat and I made plans to go to the Farmers’ Market the next morning.  Someone PLEASE remind me to not do that again.  First of all, it was a miserable rainy rainy RAINY day.  But there were so many people inside the market and I was so incredibly stressed out.  Cat said she was surprised at my stress b/c I’m so social.  Well, I may be social but I’m not nuts and those damn hippies are CRAZY!  I wanted to hide under a table until they all went away.  Despite my issues there I did end up with some yummies.

And ironically enough, I ran into my Former Friend’s (see previous post “The Untimely Death of a Friendship”) mom.  Awkward.

Of course I spent Saturday evening with my hunny bunny and Sunday evening he and I went to watch a few ball hockey games (he wasn’t able to get off work early enough to play).  Superfun!

Monday morning Angie Whoreface and I met at the Look Off at 7damn30 to go hike Cape Split (http://www.novatrails.com/annapvalley/trails/capesplit/index.php).  We were in and out in less than 4 hours and that includes peeing in the damn woods at the top of the Cape AND Angie sitting down to eat her gross peanut butter-on-white-bread sandwich.  Gross Angie.  But thanks for offering to share it with me.  I was happy with the granola bar.  🙂

On the way home from the hike we decided to go to the lake for a swim and a tan.  Ahhhh….it was gorgeous.  We got some good color and had a great swim.  AND…exciting news….on the way home we took a side road (shorter route) home and found the house I’ve been searching for for years.  It’s a mansion.  Apparently it belongs to the Italian Ambassador to Canada or something like that…as their summer home.  Check out the slide show to see the damn thing.  The place has a gated driveway AND a gardener.  Nice.

Anyway, I had a super fun weekend.  I got to do some things that I’ve wanted to do for a bit.  And Blair and I have plans to hit Mahone Bay this weekend (and since Ridgefest is officially cancelled I don’t feel toooooo bad about possibly having missed Blue Rodeo) so we’ll see what the weekend brings.

Cheers y’all!!

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