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Ghostly Encounters??

So, the last few weekends that I’ve been at Blair’s I’ve been watching “Celebrity Ghost Stories” early Sunday mornings while Blair’s either still sleeping or already left for work.  I think I need to stop. 

First of all, I definitely believe in ghosts and spirits (although I choose not to tell them that) and I am a huge ‘fraidy cat.  And for most of the week I live alone (the rest of the time I be at Blair’s).  Several years ago I was having night terrors as a result of crazy-ass medication I was on and truly thought I was being haunted.  Like, so much that when I moved into the place where I currently live I asked our minister if he would come and bless it for me.  I was so scared to death my first night there that I refused to let my friends leave (eventually they did…into the wee hours of the night.  Thanks Kimb and Steve!).

But, back to my point.  I get spooked really easily.  And what really REALLY spooks me is when my damn animal focuses on something so intensly.  Animals have a different instinct than we have and a lot of the ghost stories I’ve heard have made mention of animals staring at a wall or a corner of a room.  Well, last night Winston kept staring at the ceiling.  STARING.  It drove me nuts.  (It turns out that he happened to be focused on a moth that had gotten in when my mom left from visiting.  But still.)  So after I got rid of the moth and was laying in bed my imagination took over and I started hearing things, etc.  Which is often what I let my paranoid self do.  So, eventually I got up and turned on the bathroom light and slept with that on all night.  🙂

I was really tired and fell into a deep sleep…where I dreamed about my aunt Linda and my grandmother.  Linda passed away two years ago and my Nan passed away just before Christmas.  Both times my brother was working far away and was unable to get home in time for either funeral.

But I dreamed last night that he was back in NS and that my dad gave me the keys to his truck to go pick up my brother.  In my dream my dad was at the hospital with Linda.  I asked Dad if I was picking Terry up in the City but he said no….He’s staying with your grandmother. 

It was a very odd dream and it ended abruptly when my alarm went off (damn thing!!).  But it had my head spinning this morning….especially after the circumstances with the cat last night and my brother being away during both deaths.  

I don’t know if it means anything or not….but it’s not spooky (well, Winston staring at the ceiling still spooks me).  In fact, it’s almost calming to know that they were in my dream.  And maybe in my home.  🙂

And I don’t say that lightly.  I am pretty certain that my other grandmother (who passed away in ’99 from cancer) visited me in my old apartment when I was in college.  I can’t remember what started it, but I was at my computer working on my Thesis (which was about Laetrile – the anti-cancer drug – which I had started researching when she was dying) and I had gotten up to get the phone.  When I got back to my desk I pulled the chair in behind me and I SWEAR someone pulled it out from under me.  I was the only one home.  I fell and landed on the floor and the chair was further back then it should have been.  I thought I broke my elbow and ended up going to outpatients.  When I got there, my Aunt Rose was there.  Rose is my Nan’s sister and best friend.  I know, I know…coincidence.  But she and I talked about it and we figured it was my Nan being her fun self and having a laugh at my expense.  🙂 

And I am happy to believe she was.


Oh, and just a note that the only time my dad would actually give me the keys to his truck would be IN MY DREAMS!!