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14 Day Blog Challenge – Post #1 – Write A Funny Story About Yourself

Cousin Tanya and I have decided to participate in another Blog Challenge…this time it’s a short 14 day challenge…hopefully it will be a lot easier and less tedious than the 30 day challenge we did a while ago.

So, Post #1 is to write a funny story about yourself.  This is so easy, since so many funny things happen to me.  Well, funny for others to see, I guess.  NOT always funny to be me.  So here goes:

Many years ago I had to run to the high school to see my friend Katie.  I had been out of school for a few years but Katie is a few years younger than me and she was attending the newly built high school (mine was demolished a couple of years ago – Go Griffins!!) and I had not yet been inside.

Well, the school is quite the architectural beauty.  The walls are mostly glass (so you can see into every classroom) and there are beautiful pillars in the hallway.  I was in a hurry because my friend, Steve, was waiting for me in the parking lot (I think he was trying to teach me to drive a stick….that’s a whole other story) so I was trying to get in and out as fast as possible.

Katie saw me and popped out into the hallway.  We chatted briefly and when we were done she started back into her classroom and I turned on my heels to rush out of the school.  Well, I rushed face first into one of those damn pillars and fell flat ass-backward.  And since the walls are made of glass I was not rendered invisible and dozens and dozens of kids saw me.  When I finally jumped back up to my feet I could see a) that all those students were laughing and leaning over their desks to get a better view and b) Katie was on the floor laughing hysterically at me.  Oh, and c) her teacher came out to my aid and to ensure I was alright.  Other than a bruised ego and a finely reddened face (from embarrassment, yes) I was okay.

Funny.  For witnesses.