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# 4 – The Best Meal I’ve Ever Made

 Yay!  This is a fun topic because I love to cook.  And I am always trying new and different things.  But I think the best meal I ever made was probably about 5 years ago.  I had a small dinner party and I made this scrumptious chicken & pasta dinner.
The chicken was stuffed…I can’t remember what it was stuffed with….but it was delicious.  I also had a chicken pasta casserole bake to go with it.  Along with individual mini-croissants as apps and I made a cheesecake (which I cannot eat) for the dessert.  I got rave reviews.
Two years ago for Valentine’s Day I also made a great menu – which included pesto and pinenut stuffed mushrooms, a veggie stir-fry, chicken, chocolate covered strawberries and a vegan chocolate heart-shaped cake.  It was a long day but a labour of love.  I KNOW it was really good b.c a friend spent half the day in the kitchen with me, took the leftovers home to her hubby (one of my BFFs) and claimed it all as her own creation.  Ahole! 😉

…I also make a mean veggie (or chicken!) pizza.  🙂



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