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Allo!  Challenge #5 is to post about what fascinates me…..well, something that’s always fascinated me is……..*drumroll*….


I LOVE SHARKS!  (Especially the Great White).  I grew up watching JAWS and all the shitty sequels (okay, part 2 wasn’t bad but #3 *yikes*….and #4..meh).  It’s one of those movies that I have watched over and over and over again.  In fact, I just watched it the other day.

Each year I look forward to Shark Week on the Discovery Channel (an interest I share with Blair) and I’ve been known to sit at the computer and “research” shark attacks and information for hours.  I’m just fascinated by these big, beautiful creatures.  Monsters that they are.

When I was very small – probably not even school-aged – a shark washed up on a beach not far from where I live.  I don’t remember what kind of shark (I’ll have to ask my mom – she’ll remember! Maybe a tiger?) but it was big, well, big to a 4 year old, and scary, but it was still awesome to me.  We have a newspaper clipping and photo and I’m determined to dig it up and post it here.

I am fascinated by sharks so much that I am almost terrified of the water now.  No wait, I am pretty much terrified of the water now.  Even fresh water.  I mean, think about it…if sharks have been around for millions of years and have survived all kinds of catastrophes – even outliving the dinosaur – then who knows what else is lurking in the dark depths of our oceans, lakes and rivers.  AND bull sharks have been known to take a wrong turn and end up in fresh water.  So, I believe my fear is legitimate.

And think about this:  This animal has really no known enemies.  It’s a machine.  It eats.  It swims.  It can tear thru a body like it’s a piece of soft cheese.  It can detect a single drop of blood in an Olympic-size swimming pool.  It can dislocate its jaw so that its rows of razor sharp teeth can reach further around its prey.  WTF?  It really is an amazing species.

I would love to someday put on a wet suit (okay, I actually would not like to put on a wet suit because I don’t think anyone really needs to see that) and and climb into a shark cage and be lowered into the ocean waters surrounded by sharks.  And I would really do my best to not S**T my pants.  But no guarantees.  (And hey, what happens in the ocean, STAYS in the ocean!!)

But yes, I love sharks.  I think they’re beautiful (and scary as hell!) and exotic and mysterious and powerful and just a crazy part of nature.  They’re one of those creatures that you look at and ask yourself “What was God thinking?” (I’m sure He knew what He was doing).  I think they’re pretty incredible!