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#6 – Other Blogs I Visit

Happy Saturday!!

Challenge #6 is to post 3-5 other blogs I visit.  Here goes:

1 – A Military Wife’s Mayhem – this blog belongs to my dear friend (and fellow Yahtzee member) Vanessa.  She is, as the title would lead you to believe, a military wife and she writes about that life, her family and other topics important to her.

2 – Union Street Kitchen Witch http://localfoodlover.blogspot.com/ – My friend Jenny is co-owner of the Union Street Cafe in Berwick, N.S.   Her restaurant  and recipes use mostly local food and she has wonderful creations that just sound so delicious.  I am a full-on supporter of the slow-food movement and am happy to brag up someone who is local and supports “buy local”.

3 – http://www.Chatelaine.com has wonderful daily blogs.  I subscribe (I don’t know how I got started tho) to the emails and they offer great blogs, articles and recipes.

4 – http://tanyaslife.wordpress.com/ – My cousin Tanya was a guest blogger not too long ago.  I enjoy reading her blogs b/c even tho I normally speak to her daily, it  keeps me up-to-date, gives me a giggle, or lets me learn just a little bit more about her.

5 – http://wordpress.com – The host of my blog is a great site to visit to read other blogs or get ideas.  Sometimes it’s just fun to pass the time.