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#7 – List the Concerts You’ve Attended

Oohh…a fun post and a fun time trying to remember all my concerts.  Let’s see what I can do.  I’ll start with the best of the best:

1) Bryan Adams (my first BIG concert.  I was 15.) – The lineup for the day went like this: Sloan (their first big public event), Sass JordanExtreme (hells yeah!), Steve Miller Band and ending with Bryan Adams.  I started somewhere in the middle of the crowd and by the end of the night and Bryan’s time on stage I had made it right to the front!  WHOOT!

2) Greenday – It was their heyday and I bought my ticket for $10 from someone whose parents wouldn’t let them attend the concert.  I tagged along with some friends who had gotten tickets together.  When we got to the concert the security guard “turned his head” so that I could sneak onto the floor and be with them.  Semi-front again.  Lineup also includedTripping Daisy.

3) I Mother Earth – I had a little thing for Edwin and was soooo excited to get a ticket.  I was standing in the front row next to a speaker and couldn’t hear for days.  I don’t remember who opened for them.

4) Our Lady Peace – My BFF Kim and I had both gone crazy for OLP and she bought me a ticket for Christmas.  We had a blast.  There were several opening acts including Everclear.

5 & 6) The Tragically Hip – I saw these guys twice.  The first time I went with my friend Dave, BFF Kim and her then-boyfriend. It was a blast!  The second time I went with a guy on a second date (see VERY BAD FIRST DATES {https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2007/02/19/bad-first-dates/} for the backstory on this).  The concert was awesome, what I can remember of it.  The date….awful!

7) Rock Fest ’99 (Okay, that may not be the actual name of the concert) – I got off a plane returning from B.C., slept for a few hours and then drove with my buddy Dave (again) to N.B. for this 2-day concert.  Can’t remember the full lineup but some of the acts included: Matthew Good BandBig SugarLee AaronBig Wreck, (Huey Lewis was on the list to play but was a no-show…boo), and the Headliner was ZZ Top.  I’m sure there were other bands and I’m gonna have to do some digging to see if I can find a list of all the acts.

#8 – Def Leppard – I went with Steph to this concert.  I barely remember it.  I have no idea who else played.

#9 – April Wine – These guys played in Windsor several years ago.  It was a fun concert.  A local band, Eddie’s Basement opened for them…and I think another “bigger” band was there.  Can’t remember.

#10 – Trooper & Nazareth – Another concert in Windsor.  It totally rocked.  I made friends with Ra Maguire (lead singer of trooper) going into the concert and we were totally front & center for Nazareth.  In fact, my friend threw her underroos on the stage and Dan McCafferty totally thought they were mine.  AWKWARD.

#11 & #12 – Blue Rodeo – Saw the amazing guys twice in the last few years.  Love them.  Love them.  Love them.  MetJim Cuddy & bought him a drink.  Got a backstage invite from Bazil Donovan.  They have wonderful opening acts which are normally Canadian, including Dustin Bentall and Kendel Carson (who I adore).

#13) Nickelback – The Canada Day Concert-on-the-Hill a few years ago had a headliner of Nickelback with a lineup that included Hedley (they rocked!), Chris Daughtry, Default, Staind, Finger 11 and ending with Nickelback.

#14) – NKOTBSB – *sigh* My 13 year-old self’s dream-come-true.  Seriously.  I have always loved the New Kids on the Block and just 2 months ago some girlfriends and I took a 16 hour roadtrip to Montreal to see them in concert withBackstreet Boys.  What a great show.  Jordin Sparks opened for them.  Meh.  Boring.

Edit note: I save EVERYTHING so most of the concert ticket stubs, posters and newspaper clippings are below. 🙂

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