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#8 – Write a Letter to Someone Who’s Hurt You Recently


The things you’ve done this past year are ridiculous!  You are showing the world how lame and childish you are.  I thought we had moved on from the weak little tiff we had more than a year ago but your antics continue to prove your immaturity.  And the more you act on your dislike, or whatever it is you’re showing toward me, the more stupid you’re looking.

I’m going to continue to be me, that is nice, honest, friendly, MATURE, and hospitable.  When you can “build a bridge and get over it”, perhaps we can have a conversation.

In the meantime if you’re going to continue to be an asshole to me please do so all the time….don’t put on an act for others.  Show them the real you….the evil little girl who keeps coming out to play.  Truth of the matter is, we all talk….I know what everyone else thinks of you.  And it’s not a good thing.