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#9 – Describe Your Perfect Date

My idea of the perfect date?  Hmm, I’m not sure if I have one.  I think that if you’re with the right person and have good chemistry then you can have a great date doing anything.

My first date with Blair was pretty great.  We met at a local pub for a drink and some get-to-know-you conversation.  We sat on the deck in the early summer evening but eventually it started to rain so we moved inside.  Of course, after a bit I was freezing cold sitting in the air conditioned restaurant after having gotten rained on (I’m such a big baby).  So I was comfortable enough with him to invite him back to my place for a drink and to continue the date – something I wouldn’t normally do.  When we got back to my place I slipped on the rain-soaked steps and of course, let my true self SHINE thru – ending up with a huge bruise from my knee down to the top of my foot (to know me is to love me). 

We had a glass of wine….he brought in a shitty Mike Myers movie that I just couldn’t bear to remember….and we chatted the night away.  It was great.  We talked and talked and talked.  And before the night was over I MADE him give me a kiss.  I told him I had a good night and I wanted a good night kiss.  🙂 

Our next date in was just as great – we talked and played old school videos on Youtube.  The important thing on any date is to have fun!!