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# 10 – List Your Top 10 Pet Peeves


1) Chomping (mouth open) on your gum.  Gross.

2) I hate it when I’m talking to someone on the phone and that person is having an online conversation with someone else (Elizabeth, this means you!!).  It drives me nuts.  And it’s rude.

3) Bad Grammar Bothers Me.  STOP BEING SO LAZY and learn to speak!!

4) I hate it when the bed I’m sleeping in is not made properly.  And I hate it when my sheets aren’t tucked in at the bottom.  I don’t like having my feet exposed.  I think it stems from a childhood fear of Dracula biting my toes.  I’m serious.

5) It GROSSES me out when I can hear someone peeing.  If there is a fan in the bathroom USE IT!!!

6) I get soooo irritated when I’m waiting in a line up and someone comes along and just stumbles up to be the next person.  CLEARLY you’ve seen me waiting, right?  Eff off and move to the back.  I’m not afraid to tell people anymore.

7) Telemarketers with bad manners.  Okay, telemarketers alone are bad enough…but it’s even worse when I have someone phone and he/she is so rude.  If I ask to take a message please don’t just say no or hang up.  Say “no thank you.  Goodbye.”  – it’s better than nothing.

8) I hate having my routine interrupted.  Most people who know me know that my weekday routine is to work out AS SOON as I get home from work.  It pisses me off when people continue to call during those workout periods.  I’ve stopped answering the phone.

9) I also get annoyed when someone phones me and doesn’t ask me if it’s a good time or if I can talk and then decides to spout off for 15 damn minutes about nothing when I might have something important to do. Whenever I phone someone I ask “what’s up?”, “what are you doing?”, “can you talk?”, etc.  There.  That’s your lesson if you’re reading.

10) And finally, my last peeve is people in customer service who are assholes.  Seriously.  If you hate your job that much, maybe you should stay home.  I don’t want to feel your miserable-ness.  I don’t want my day to have an “Eeyore” spot on it because you are hungover, tired, not in the mood to be there, or just a jerk.  Suck it up and deal with it.  WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.  We all have had jobs we hated.  Don’t bring your bad mood to work.  I don’t want to deal with it.