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#13 – List 3 Confessions

Three confessions?  Um, not really sure where to start.  Most things I am pretty open about.  Let’s see what I can provide:

1) I was once a runner up to be on a Canadian reality TV show – U8TV – The Lofters.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U8TV:_The_Lofters

I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for it when they were first throwing out the idea and I made every attempt to be part of that project.  I had many communications with the producer and finally what it came down to were two things: 1) location 2) They had already select one “Sandy” to be on the show.  WTF?  Whatev!  I watched for the first little bit and eventually gave up on following.  But it would have been a wonderful experience.

My Dad and Me

2) I always wanted a Bill Cosby/Tony Micelli type relationship with my dad.  I never had a close one with him and was always envious of friends who did.  I even envy Blair’s relationship with Abby….bc it was something I longed for as a child.  Right now my dad is in the hospital – in and out of ICU and it is devastating to watch him go thru what he’s going thru.  I don’t hug my dad….and my mom was trying to get me to hug him last week.  I told him if I hugged him now he’d think he was worse off than he already thinks he is.  The first thing that pops into my head when hugging my dad….awkward.

3) I sometimes wish I was still in high school.  Life was SO much easier when I was younger.  However, I wish I was who I am now….but transferred back to high school age.  I like who I am now, for the most part.  I have a better grasp on things now than I ever did back then.  And I’m more fashionable AND funnier now.  🙂  Life was just easier…this whole “workin’ for a living” thing can sometimes be a drag.  🙂