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Blueberry Pie and Sunday Dresses

I have one last post for the 14-Day Blog Challenge, but with my dad being in the hospital the past few weeks, I haven’t much been feeling jolly enough to deal with it.  But today, with my dad feeling better at least, I figured I’d go ahead and post something random.

A few weeks ago I had two little monkeys for a sleepover.  The littlest monkey had an allergic reaction to sir Winston and his poor little eyes got all puffy and buggy…..but he’s still cute.

They have SO much fun with their Aunt Sandy – we went to the park, played with Winston, played old school Nintendo and had some yummies.  Seriously, could their lives be any better?

IN the evening I made a blueberry peach pie – a recipe  that I had seen a few weeks before and was dying to try.  Summer fruit is the best!

 I had initially planned to bring  the pie (well, at least some of it) to my dad but he went to the hospital that night and hasn’t been home since and the pie sorta disappeared over the next week.  And it was delicious!

I’M all about trying new recipes and I had been wanting to also try making Fennel Crisps.  Eventually I got around to picking up some fennel and followed the recipe to a degree and it turned out so yummy.


What You Need:

4 bulbs fresh fennel
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 teaspoon lime juice
1/2 teaspoon white balsamic vinegar

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F. Slice the fennel bulb lengthwise to create disk-like slices. Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper or tin foil. Lay out the sliced bulbs, and sprinkle with sea salt and garlic. Drizzle with lime juice and vinegar. Bake for 40 minutes or until desired crispiness.

THIS is one of my favorite casual dresses.  I wear it to work,  to the mall…basically, it’s so versatile that I can wear it anywhere.  And I LOVE that it has pockets because I can be somewhat lazy and I hate to swing my arms.  (Insert Seinfeld joke here.)

And I love the shoes.  I picked them up from the Jelly Cupboard a few years ago.  They were $120 marked down to $12.  SCORE!!  What I like best about them is that they make my legs look long; totally accenting my cankles. 🙂

THE other night I tried out a new recipe for “pasta.”  Instead of using actual pasta I washed and peeled a few carrots.  I used a carrot peeler and sliced them into ribbons.  Then I boiled the carrots for a 3-4 minutes then drained the water.  After that I added my pasta sauce (I used alfredo) and BY GOSH!!  It was the best darned pasta I’d had in a while.  In fact, it was so good that I made it again on the weekend for Blair to try.  I didn’t tell him what he was eating right away but he liked it.  I’m a genius.


I picked up this dress back in the early spring and COULD NOT wait to wear it.  I love it!  I just think it’s so pretty and has such a 1950’s feel to it.  It’s gorgeous.  I wore it again recently to a bridal shower I 

threw for my friend, Stephanie.  I got so many compliments from people, including from a cleaning lady in a public bathroom.  How sweet.  I especially like the high waist tie this dress offers.  I have no real defined waist line and I have short legs and an incredibly long torso…and of course, those cankles I mentioned…so the design of this dress compliments my awkward body shape.  This dress is made my Suzy Shier too – my go-to place to shop.  🙂

HURRICANE Irene made her semi-lively appearance in Nova Scotia last night and this morning it was still incredibly windy.  I decided it was perfect for going for a run (I’m gearing up to go for another run in a bit).  So, after my run, some housework and a gorgeous afternoon with my friend Angie Whoreface and a visit from my Aunt Peggy (champagne in the afternoon anyone?) I felt a little pooped.  

I LOVE seeing profiles of my nose..Man that thing is HUGE!!  😉

THERE’S a song by Blue Rodeo called Girl in Green.  Catchy off-beat song with Greg Keelor on lead vocals.  I picked up this vintage green dress at Frenchy’s a few years ago and it’s been sitting at my parents’ place since then waiting for my mom and me to alter it.  I’d actually forgotten about it but a recent post by a fashion blogger reminded me of it and I picked it up today.  I love the color of it.  And I happen to think I look pretty good in green.  But the dress STILL needs to be altered.  It’s too big everywhere but I had a little photo shoot with it anyway.

I love this dress so much so I can’t wait to get it altered so that I can wear it out in public.  And I think I might invest in more items that are green.

AH yes, and the shoes….I picked up these Guess! shoes in Maine last November.  I love them!  I’ll likely break my ankles again wearing them but at least I’ll look good doing it. 

SO there you have it.  A little food, a little fashion and a visit with my monkeys.  Now, if we can just work things out great with my dad then everything will be ticketyboo.