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How Cool is David Bowie Right Now?

This is a statement I may never thought I’d be making, but I’m saying it now: HOW COOL IS DAVID BOWIE??

David Bowie

I have always known about David Bowie, and I have always enjoyed the Bowie songs that I’d heard and been exposed to (and I STILL LOVE his Christmas duet with Bing Crosby of Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth).  But it seems that a whole new generation is being exposed to David Bowie – by way of the television commercial.

Recently, Joe Fresh clothing line (http://www.joe.ca/) has been running ads for their fall line.  The catchy beat playing along with the visual is none other than “Oh You Pretty Things” written by Bowie in ’71.   Here is just one of many ads rocking the same “soundtrack”:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zM6W4jqpa7I&feature=related.

And for the REAL Bowie tune:

The next Bowie song is Rebel Rebel, which is being used to promote the new season of “House, MD.”  Ah, House.  How we love him.  And the song title song here seems to fit him.

Although I can’t find the tv ad spot for “House”, here is the old-school video for Rebel Rebel:

I’m just wondering where else David Bowie’s work is going to be popping up?  I’m sure this is little bit of recognition is going to send him soaring with teenagers (as I’ve already seen tons of searches and inquiries online looking for “Oh You Pretty Things”).  We’ll see.  We’ll see.


Remembering September 11 – 10 Years Later

The Twin Towers

Remembering 9/11 – 10 Years Later

If you asked me what I was doing this time last week, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell you.  But if you asked me what I was doing this time ten years ago I can remember it almost as if it were yesterday.

I was living in Halifax, NS and working two jobs.  In the mornings till mid-afternoon I worked for an American company with our clients based solely in the States, primarily in Texas.

When I arrived at my office that Tuesday morning I was nonchalant as always.  My co-workers and I had no idea what was happening in New York City.  My biggest issue earlier that morning was deciding what I was going to wear to work.  However, upon arrival and awaiting the work hours to begin we were informed to just “hang tight” as there was “a little  trouble in New York this morning.”  My co-workers and I were completely unaware of exactly the magnitude of that little trouble and the effect it would have on the world, and on us for the rest of our lives.

Eventually we were told what had happened and what was still happening.  Our office and building were placed on lockdown and we weren’t permitted to use the phones.  We had been informed, also, that there were possibly threats made to political buildings/landmarks in our City.  It was very frightening.

One of my BFFs happened to be in class two floors above me so I made my way up the stairs to her to see what was happening and how she and her classmates were reacting to the news of the attacks in NYC.  They were oblivious.  They had no idea what was going on.  They knew that class hadn’t resumed for whatever reasons but they had not been informed.

As the day went on and the hours passed and our anxiety and anticipation and fear grew in all of us, someone in my office suggested that we sit in a circle and talk.  Maybe say what we’re thankful for.  One of my team-members had a sister in NYC that morning and was unreachable for several hours.  By this time she had made contact with her family and we knew she was safe.  We were thankful for that.  I was thankful that I am Canadian and living in a nation that believes in Peace Keeping.  But I was and still am scared.

After many hours locked in that office we were finally permitted to leave the building but we were told (yes, told!) to go right home.  Once outside and on the streets, the City was in scrambles.   Maybe the City-goers were unaware, maybe they were in a panic, but in those moments I say they were in a scramble.

I made my drive home and was happy to get to my apartment.  I called my mom.  I waited for my roommate to get back.  I called my BFFer Kim.  I watched the TV.   It was chaos all over the world.  My heart sank.  I cried.

Not knowing how things were going to pan out for the rest of the day I began to get ready for my second job.  But it wasn’t too long before I got a phone call saying that that office was closed and to stay put.  Normally I would have had a ton of things to do but that evening my roomie and I stayed in and watched the news and kind of just stayed in awe of everything.

I can’t imagine such loss, such tragedy, such an act of hatred on so many innocent people.  But we witnessed it.  We saw what pure evil can accomplish.   It’s been 10 years since the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City but still, each time I hear a plane flying too low I panic.  Each time I see visuals of the loss I feel sadness.  Every time I watch video of the planes flying into the buildings, completely unexpected, completely unprovoked, I still find it hard to believe what I’m watching; hard to believe that that happened; hard to believe that all of those people died.  And every time I cry.


Twin Towers 9/11

More Fashion and Food

Since I had good reviews (thanks Tanya!) from my random post a few days ago about fashion and food I decided to go ahead and do the same for today.

  I feel pretty…oh so pretty.  I feel pretty and witty and bright!
This necklace is one of my favorites.  I love the little splash of color it adds to make a big impact.
I also always have my sunglasses with me.  I LOVE big sunglasses and have several pairs with different tints.  These black ones are my absolute favorites and I wear them most often.
  <— This is me trying to be sleek and cool and cute.
                    This is me looking obnoxious!         —>
After that little fashion shoot in my living room with the timer on my camera I headed out for a run.  I purposely DID NOT take photos of that sight because it was almost as bad as the bio-security suit.  Actually, I have to say, I can rock a ball cap on my big head pretty good.  🙂  After my run and clean up I wanted something nutritious and yummy for dinner.  I decided on some fresh veggies and fish.  Since Blair is working this evening, I’m taking a full-on ME night.
  I washed and chopped up some
fresh veggies….all kinds.
If you look closely you can see my post-run protein shake.  It was so delish.   I swear it’s always my favorite part of my workouts. —–>
 So many pretty colors of veggies and LOTS of garlic!  I am a true believer that garlic goes with EVERYTHING.  (Funny side story: A few years ago I was eating raw garlic in my salads.  Probably not the best idea for work since a) No one wanted to be close enough to talk to me  b) OMG!  Gas issues.  Seriously.  Had I known raw garlic did that I may have held off.  I mean, you can only blame other people so many times, right?)
And I’m also believer that a good dinner is really never really satisfying without at least a half a glass of good wine.

I guess I need to wash my photo frame....

I discovered Rex Goliath last summer.  It’s a nice dry American wine.  It has become my staple.  I love it.  It’s very crisp and it’s pretty cheap and I love drinking it out of my favorite glasses.
I picked up a pair of these glasses at a gift shop in Wolfvegas a few years ago.  I don’t bring them out for everybody, in fear that they might get broken.  And we can’t have that.
While I was running around finishing dinner I snapped a few random photos:

<— Oh Winston!  I think
he was playing shy here.  I’m gonna end up being one of those crazy cat ladies.
I took a picture of these pretty tea towels just because, well, they’re pretty.  I bought the blue, pink and yellow ones and my mom made the other two.  I have such a pretty stove.  🙂
FINALLY, everything is prepared and I’m starving.  
FIRST we have the veggies:
THEN we have the fish:
  Awww, and it was even made with love (for myself) in this little heart-shaped pan.  I’m SO special.
AND FINALLY WHEN YOU PUT IT ALL TOGETHER (with a little slice or two of a good cheese)………………………………………………………..
DRUM ROLL………………………………………………………
(well, I did share a bit of fish with Winston)
And I even have leftovers!
EDIT NOTE:  Technical difficulties have occurred with this post.  I will continue to adjust photos and print.  Until then, deal with it. 😉