Welcome to SANDYLAND!!


Oh How I LOVE Birthday Week!  I do, I do, I do!  I am so in love with my birthday and celebrating ME!!  I’m the first to admit how selfish I am when it comes to my birthday and how much I love when it rolls around. 🙂

Yesterday was the Big Day!  Most people would say their birthdays are now over, but not me.  I keep going.  But this year I’m a little astonished at how old I am!  (Tho, I’ve been telling everyone I’m 22!)  😀

I don’t feel old.  I certainly don’t feel my age.  I’m still a lot like a little kid in a candy store.  I’m having too much fun with life.  And isn’t that the way it should be??  Isn’t life intended to be fun?  Maybe not always, I mean, we all have to work and we have responsibilities but I am trying to make the most of the time I have been given.  When things are right for me, my plan will roll into action.  Until then, Birthday Week continues and I hope you all will help me celebrate!



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