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SHOUT OUT of the Week!

Alrighty….so, last night, after spending a wonderful day with Blair and Abby I was talking to Blair about my blog.  He laughed at me a bit but once I explained things to him a bit I think he might understand my love of blogging – I DID have to compare it with his need to play hockey, but hey, whatever works, right?

Shortly after, I pondered my next post…and I decided I’m gonna start giving a Shout Out of the week.  A kind of “kudos” to people I think are doing something exciting or meaningful or something to be proud of.

So, the Cherry Post (yes I did just say that) goes to my friend JAIME!

The reason behind the SHOUT:  Jaime recently joined the gym and she has been doing so great with it.  I know that for some people a daily workout is often a struggle and time consuming and loathsome (I am one of those freaks that CRAVES my workout) but Jaime has been getting her butt in gear and heading out consistently.  Way to go!!  Jaime, I told you this already but I’m making it public:  I AM PROUD OF YOU!!  Keep up the amazing work, girl.

Oh, and just for a little lighter reading:  Last week I was at the gym with Jaime and totally spazzed on the treadmill.  I went down to my knees while it was in full tilt and TRIED TRIED TRIED to keep going, as not to fly off and smash into the wall behind me.  (I still don’t know what happened….I had been at the doctor the day before for headaches and dizzy spells so….I’m gonna blame it on that.)   Jaime just about lost her lunch laughing at me.  Seriously, still thinking back to it it makes me laugh uncontrollably.   I thought she was gonna pee her pants.  Part of me wishes she had done so.  😀

To make matters worse…the next day we’re back on the treadmill and I’d hopped off to readjust the fan or something…when I jumped back on I totally forgot that I’d left the damn thing running and nearly had a repeat fall.   Jaime likes going to the gym with me.  😀




2 responses

  1. Jaime M

    AWWWWWW!!!!!!! Thanks Sandy….1) because you are proud of me and 2) because I popped you Shout Out of the week Cherry 🙂 I sure hope I sometime get another shout out 🙂 and think its a neat idea to do a shout out of the week blog 🙂

    November 13, 2011 at 8:34 pm

  2. I think encouragement is key in EVERYTHING we do. It’s my pleasure to give you the shout out. You definitely deserve it. I am VERY proud of you! And I will continue to tell you so.

    November 13, 2011 at 8:35 pm

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