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Shout Out of the Week!



Alrighty, it looks like it’s that time again for a SHOUT OUT!!

This week my Shout Out goes to Allison who works at the Box Office at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in Halifax. 

Melissa and I had tickets to see the Jim Cuddy Band TONIGHT but yesterday morning found out about this shitty snowstorm we’re now encountering and realized there was likely no way we’d be making the trek into the City. 

So, I emailed Allison at the Box Office and pleaded with her, well, sorta…trying to invoke pity and humor.  Here’s a copy of the note:

“Good morning,
I have purchased tickets for tomorrow’s concert with Jim Cuddy. My
tickets were purchased online and are waiting at the box office as I
am in the Annapolis Valley.
I realize that the website states that there are no refunds unless a
concert/show/event is cancelled but I’m wondering with the current
weather forecasts of heavy snowfall warning (and ice pellets in the
Valley) if A) there would be any chance of a refund or B) what the
chance is for a cancellation of the show.
I am really hoping that the weather will change as I want to attend
the concert but with travels of an hour and a half both ways I’d
prefer to not risk my life if I didn’t have to.
If there is any way to manage a refund (I made my purchase with a
Visa), please let me know and I will/can phone to make such

I appreciate any help in this regard.

 Thank you.”

Well, she said no to the refund.  😦  But she did email me again and said, although they’re not supposed to (sssssshhh!!), if we could get there for last night’s show she would exchange our tickets for the best she had.  

It was a scramble but Melissa and I made it happen.  AND we had wicked center seats.  It was a beautiful show…very intimate at times and highly energetic at others.  AND Melissa and I made some interesting new friends who I threatened to separate if they did not settle down.  😛

All-in-all, it was a great night.

So…thank you Allison.  I’m glad we made it and I’m even more happy that we didn’t have to throw away more than a hundred bucks.




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