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Shout Out of the Week!!

Okay, I’m a little late with this post as I should have posted it last week.  But this Shout Out! goes to my wonderful boyfriend for completing Movember.  Thank you, December 1st, for arriving….FINALLY!! 

If you’re out of the loop you can find out more about Movember here: http://ca.movember.com/about/, but just to bring you up to speed, the Movember initiative is in support of Prostate Cancer awareness.  Just like we women have our Breast Cancer Awareness initiatives, the guys need to promote their cause too and the way the men do this is by growing a mustache for the full month of November…and I am a proud supporter of my Movember dude. 

That being said….I’m glad that damn thing is GONE from his upper lip.  Hideous looking thing, it was.  And everywhere I looked, Facebook, parking lots, streets, it was like bad porn mustaches had sprouted on the faces of all men.  Ick.

Regardless, in all honesty, it is something to be proud of….Seeing all these guys rallying together in their brotherhood and supporting each other in their above-the-mouth growth.  Some of the mustaches are very creative and impressive.  Some, however, are kinda sad and pathetic.  I saw several guys who I really just wanted to offer a lint-brush to.  Poor things.

All-in-all…Movember around these parts had received plenty of publicity and promotion so I thought it only fair that I give my guy and his Mo-bros a little recognition and love too.  Way to Mo!! 

Until next year, dear Mustache!


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