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High School Sigs

“What Do the Signatures in Your High School Yearbook Say About You?”

In MY day it was Horton District High School

I saw this post recently on another blogger’s site and I thought it was a pretty good idea.  So last night, going thru my senior and junior (and including my upgrading year – after grad) yearbooks, it seems that I was “A BLAST!” to know; to be with in class; and to have been around. 

Class would not have been the same without you” is written several times too.  I love hearing reading that.  I wish I had come completely out of my shell senior year but I saved it for the next.  I was less intimidated when I returned for my upgrading.  And honestly, just didn’t give a shit anymore.

My Favorite sigs come from my best friend, Kim who said “I don’t have much to say because I’m always with you!“, which was true – 100%.  We weren’t in the same grade and didn’t have any classes together (tho we did have the same Grade 12 English teacher and got to do our open-book, off-property year-end final exam together…which resulted in us getting into a car accident and ruining the off-property thing for future seniors) but if you were looking for one of us you could simply track down the other and find us both.  We even shared a locker (real estate is EVERYTHING and I had the best view!).

Kim and Me circa.....yeah, I dunno

Miranda wrote: “It’s been great getting to know you this year.  Sandy, you are a blast!!  Not to mention funny as hell!  I’ve been trying to master the art of telling off teachers.  I’ll miss you.  The days of law class won’t be forgotten.”   When I read that last night I thought it was really sweet and sincere.  And funny.  I had some issues being lippy thru the years.  My smart mouth still tends to get me in trouble on occasion.

Mr. Alcoe – My super-cool math teacher (whom I adored) used to razz me about roaming the halls and not being in class (tho I NEVER missed his class….he just wouldn’t tolerate it) or getting to school late (I’d see him in the office while signing myself in….the rumor was that he and one of the secretaries {who’ll remain nameless} had a thing).  I would almost daily see him in the halls while out on my excursions and he’d always laugh and say “Saannndraaah” and do some weird little point thing.  He was the only teacher I asked to sign my yearbook (I know, LAME!): “Sandra: The best at getting here late, walking the halls and still graduation was accomplished.  Well done.”  It still makes me giggle.

Mr. Alcoe's Sig

I wish I had had the balls back then to really be me.  Fortunately, I have been given the opportunity for people to see and appreciate me now.  My humor, my sensitivity and the good heart that is contantly getting broken.  The people in my circle knew the real me and embraced me.  And the people I got to know saw what I wanted everyone to see.  High school was a long time ago but thankfully we have yearbooks to help us hold onto our memories.

Griffins all the Way!


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