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Junior High Gym Class

Another old school post, people:  How Did Your Junior High Gym Class Treat You?


These are memories I’d rather forget, but I can’t.  So I’m going to share humiliating moments with the world (well, not really, but with you all).

Oh Junior High…those lovely awkward years for many of us.  I was chubby-ish back then and had little athletic ability (although I DID play ball every summer!!  And, when challenged, I could hold my own (ie. I won a swim race at camp and excelled at track & field {I just wanted it to end!}).  But more than anything I was (still am!) uncomfortable with my body.  I had, thanks to my mother and her family, HUGE BOOBS.  Seriously, at 14 years old I was already a 42 DD.

I hated my boobs.  They got in the way.  They hurt when I did sports or ran.  I hated them so much that in (same-sex) gym class I wore TWO bras AND TWO sweatshirts.  I still felt awkward and uncomfortable.  I remember one specific day in 8th grade we were supposed to run the outdoor track and follow the path behind the school.  I was so mortified about having to do all this running that I grabbed my friend, Becky and hid in the locker room and claimed that we lost the class and continued our laps in the indoor track.  Thankfully the teacher “believed” me and let us off the hook.

Me and Becky goofing around in 8th grade

Everything about gym class sucked back then.  I wish I had embraced it but I was a wiener and hated it.  The thought, first of all, of having to change clothes in a room with girls you barely knew or couldn’t stand, then having to wear really bad shorts (it was the 90’s – before yoga pants and J.Lo track suits), which, by the way, is just as mortifying.  I don’t wear shorts.  Ever.  I hate them.  I think they’re a form of self-torture, a tshirt or sweatshirt and then, have to participate in really lame forms of physical activity (I should have embraced Dodgeball and knocked some of those bitches out!) while getting semi-sweaty and then have to re-dress, still sweaty, and head back to class.  How lovely.  Brilliant idea, whoever came up with that one.  For future: gym class should be reserved for the last class of the day.  Get sweaty then head the hell home.  Sounds good to me.

Once I hit 10th grade and phys ed wasn’t mandatory I was not participating.  No way!  Clearly, my boobs and I had issue with it and I CERTAINLY wasn’t going to head out to do jumping jacks with a bunch of high school boys.  HELLS-TO-THE-NO!!

You may be pleased to know, however, that senior year I did sign back up for gym.  I was into fitness back then and wanted to prove a point (I had a whirl wind of eating disorders in high school and thought gym class might help me out in some way).  I actually enjoyed it, for the most part.  And I LOVED Dodgeball with the guys….one of them (Darrell) even called me a brute.  Proudest Day Ever!  🙂

Anyway, my boobs have gotten smaller over the years, thankfully (they still hurts sometimes when I run or do jacks) but I have to say that I absolutely love my “gym classes” now.   Fitness is cool.  *thumbs up*

Canoeing isn't as much if ya don't fall out!



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