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Shout Out of the Week!


Hey y’all!  Yes, I have been a little slacky with the Shout Out thing.  What can I say: Christmas was busy.  After Christmas was busy.  Plus, I’ve been a little depressed lately and selfishly wasn’t quite in the mood to celebrate other people much.  Sorry….I’m an ahole!

But…here it is today:  The Shout Out of the Week!  And it goes to my friend Kimb.

She and I went out for a drink last night.  We met thru friends about 7 years ago and became great friends.  And then just a few years ago we ended up working together.  She is a great person and seriously, a wonderful friend.  But more than that, she is so full of wisdom.  She’s very insightful and she never judges but she is amazing with her intuitiveness.

She is one of those people that I know if I’m struggling with something or carrying a huge weight on my shoulders I can talk to her and she will help me see all sides of things.  I always feel better after I talk to her. 

Her advice is always unmatched (it certainly comes close to the advice of others but, as I said, she can open my eyes and help me see things from other perspectives…something I do not always do).

So for that, I thank you Kimmy.  Your wisdom is always appreciated. 



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