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Being Anal AND Spectacular!!


A)  I have sensitive hearing and I’m completely anal and obsessive and obnoxious.

B)  A few years ago, in August, I got my first earache (growing up I had the lung issues and my brother had the ear issues.  Good times!).  After several days of stuffing cotton in my ear and running the hair dryer on it and trying (hoping) for the warm air would calm down the ache, I decided to finally go to the doctor.  Turns out I had an ear infection.  This infection was so severe that it caused nerve damage deep inside my ear and I still have issues with it on occasion.  In fact, last year I came down with another bout of earaches which lasted several days.  Along with these aches come a “muffling” of sound and a sort of roaring of waves sound (it’s all hard to explain).  Since I was getting ready to travel I wanted to get things checked out before I set foot on a plane.

So, back to the ear specialist I went, where I got lots of tests done before seeing the doctor.  When he came in and reviewed the tests he was astounded.  He said I had phenomenal, super-acute hearing and I could hear at decibels that most people can’t fathom.  He said I should apply with NASA as they’d benefit from it.

C)  Super-Acute Hearing + Anal-ness = ME.  🙂

Little, tiny, itty, bitty sounds ANNOY me!!  OMG!  I hate the sound of other people typing.  I hate the sound of people cracking their knuckles (however, I am guilty of this).  And little sounds, like the sound of my beloved rubbing his feet together drives me almost insane!

Blair has a habit, harmless to other people, I’m sure, of rubbing his ankles together, simulating a cricket.  It’s probably really cute.  He does it, he says, because it relaxes him.  He’ll do it when he’s watching a hockey game on  tv , he does it if he’s relaxing on the couch and has his head in my lap, he does it when he’s laying in bed trying to sleep.  And…it makes me want to punch him in the face!  Blair Baby, I love you so much.  BUT OHEMGEEE!!!!  I hate it when you do that!  And yes, I’ve told him this several times.

Blair:  *rub rub*

Sandy: “Can you please stop doing that?”

Blair:  *rub rub*

Sandy: “Blair, can you please stop doing that?”

Blair:  *rub rub*

Sandy: “BLAIR!!!!!”

Blair: (chuckling) “What is wrong with you?”

Sandy: (in Monica-from-friends-shrill-voice) “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????”


I know, I know…I come off as a total crazy bitch.  I’m not, I PROMISE.  I’m just, uh, well, I’m anal.  I told you.  I don’t like the tv being loud.  There are volume controls for a reason.  I like to play couch commando so that I can be in charge of the volume.  (Side note…my mom is deaf in one ear.  Growing up, my bedroom was directly below the tv room….as I’m sure you can imagine, the sound of the ‘blaring’ tv just about drove me nuts…especially late at night when I had an early morning.  Good grief!)

Anyway, if I start punching people at random for no apparent reason, more than likely the reason will be b/c certain people were making God-awful rackets by doing some mundane thing that hearing-impaired normal people wouldn’t be bothered by.  If you’re gritting your teeth, tapping on something, flicking your nails (so disgusting and irritating), or clicking your mouse when you phone me (ELIZABETH!!!!), please expect to get reamed out or punched.  🙂





One response

  1. Ibitz

    OKay Ms. ANAL… I have issues with being still… I like to be multi-tasking… I hate the phone so to avoid from having to rush people to stop talking *Clears throat* Jean…lol.. I need to be doing other things to keep my hands busy… Playing solitaire requires little to no attention but by playing solitaire and talking on the phone, I am multi-tasking, therefore, I am not rushing you to get off the phone…lol.. Except for tonight… I haven’t called you more than twice in one day… And please do note, that I have stopped calling you during your work-out sessions…

    January 16, 2012 at 8:00 pm

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