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Happy Pancake Tuesday!!


Happy Pancake Tuesday *barf*


Let me start this post by stating I HATE PANCAKES!

Okay, maybe “hate” is too strong a term but I do not enjoy them.  I do not  make them.  I do not eat them, Sam I Am (*giggle*).  Once in a blue moon I’ll have one – like if I’m at my parents’ and my dad happens to make them (and then I usually remember that I think they’re gross as I finish choke down my mouthful).

Months ago I told Blair I was going to let him sleep in and make him a beautiful batch of blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  I got to work early on a Sunday morning, using up all of my fresh blueberries and whipped up a stack of pancakes.  BUT as Blair’s biting into them he said “they don’t taste right” and then, “they taste funny.”  Turns out the BRAND NEW BOX of pancake mix that I’d opened (seriously just opened that morning) had expired in like, 2006.  THAT should tell you how often I make pancakes.  (More than likely they were bought by my ex in 2005 and I failed to throw the box at him when we split up.)

Needless to say, Blair didn’t have pancakes that morning and I was super-pissed that I wasted all my effing blueberries.

Anyway, my mom emailed me earlier today inviting me to a Pancake Supper with her and my dad, my nephews and my sister-in-law.  But since I don’t like pancakes I rejected the invite.

HOWEVER, being part Acadian (Acadien) I DO have a fancy for Potato Pancakes (YUM!) and decided that I would be semi-celebratory this evening and make a small batch of those.

My 94 year-old (Acadien) grandfather makes pretty perfect Potato Pancakes, but I haven’t had his in years so I made a cheat batch tonight – cheat meaning “easy/not-quite-as-superior/lazy/etc.” – but I have to toot my own horn hear (TOOT TOOT TOOT) and say that they turned out pretty good.

The Making of Perfection

The Finished Product

Anyway, kind of a lame post but at least it’s something.  And my potato pancakes rocked!


One response

  1. Lisa

    seriously out of all my awesome ideas you went with pancakes?? man I feel rejected! :p

    February 21, 2012 at 8:01 pm

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