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When One Door Closes…..

My mom brought me roses to work 🙂

My my, what an interesting couple of days it’s been.

So, I went to work Thursday morning.  I sit my back on my desk and my big boss comes out of her office and asks me to come in.  In a span of maybe 60 seconds I find out that my position is being terminated effective immediately (with a sweet two MONTH severance package).  Stone-faced I move to my office and clean out my shit and move on.  Meh.  Whatever.  Bigger and better things, right?

I mean, yeah it’s shitty to lose a job/become unemployed and as I spent the last few minutes in my office and realizing I’m now jobless the tears started to come.  But again, meh.

So, from there I head to my old office (law firm) to see Angie-Whoreface and chat with the Old Guy and ask him to review my release forms.  He mentions an available position to me at another business close by.  Oddly enough, the position in question is being left by a friend of mine, TL (who trained me at my first law firm) and I had spoken to her about it briefly earlier in the week.  But just for shits and giggles I mosey on over to her office, tell her the events of the morning and say “what-the-hell?” and leave a resume.  Then off to Jaime’s at 10 in the morning for “sorry-you-lost-your-j0b cake”…and it was delicious!  🙂

Not too long after getting to Jaime’s I get a call from the office I’d just left my resume with.  The partner said to me “What does your schedule look like?” and I replied “well, since I was laid off this morning it’s pretty clear!”  To which he responded with a snort and laughter.  We set up an interview for later that afternoon.

Once I arrived at the interview TL and I had a quick giggle over the events of the day and then I was called in for the actual meeting.  The interview went GREAT!!  And I was offered the position.

The next day (yesterday) I started my new job…once again with TL training me.  Oh…did I forget to mention that yesterday was also her last day?  (As she starts a new position on Monday.)  Crazy.   Anyway, it was a bit overwhelming to try and learn everything in one day….which did NOT happen…but it will work out.  It’s a huge pay increase with education and opportunity for growth and advancement.  AND I get to have lunches again with Angie-Whoreface.  YAY!

Thursday was obviously filled with stress and anxiety.  I didn’t sleep Thursday night and yesterday morning I had to take my anxiety meds when I dragged my tired ass out of bed because I could barely breathe.  But it’s all good.  Things work out for the best.  I am looking forward to this new path.

But seriously?  How many people does that happen to?  Finding another job the SAME DAY you lose one?  Awesome.  The  Big Guy has better plans for me.  🙂

Like the story goes….when one door closes……………………………




2 responses

  1. Wow – instead of saying sorry, I get to say congratulations! How awesome is this?!! I get so (SO) nervous about things like that, too, but it sounds like a FABULOUS turn of events! Way to go!!!!

    February 26, 2012 at 11:13 am

  2. Wow…what are the chances? Congratulations on the new job!

    February 27, 2012 at 11:16 am

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