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Party at the Moon Tower

Please, peeps, don’t remind me that I SUCK lately.  I’m well aware.  But here I am attempting to contribute to my blog on the second day of Spring with the temperature at 24 degrees.  Yes, that’s right.  In Nova Scotia today (March 21) the temperature is warmer than in Honolulu, Hawaii (at 22 degrees).  CRAZY!  Normally this time of year we are still knee-deep in snow.  But here I am in mid-March in flip flops  (Hallelujer!!) and with the windows open.  It’s beautiful.

The weather has me feeling a little nostalgic, which I always seem to get when Spring hits.  And for a while I’ve been wanting to post about the Party at the Moon Tower and feel like today’s weather is more than fitting to do so.

So, in case you’re not familiar, “Party at the moon tower” is a phrase from the movie Dazed and Confused.  If you haven’t seen that movie then you really should….seriously.  Go do it now after reading this post!!

The initial party that’s planned in the movie is scrapped so the kids rally together and plan a beer bust at the moon tower (a huge plot of land basically in the woods with a giant “moon tower” that lights up the place like a baseball stadium.  It’s a huge party with tons of kids (high school students), drinking, etc.

Well, when I was a senior in high sch0ol I decided that I wanted to throw a big party like that (however my party was BYOB – I was not supplying the kegs).  My BFF Kim and I decided that we were gonna do it and the word spread.

We did not have a Moon Tower, however, we had (have) what is the Reservoir.  It’s a place where we used to go swimming and sunning and hiking.  And this particular night it was the party place.  In order to get there you have to park at the bridge (if you’re local, you know what I’m talking about) and walk for probably 20 minutes.  I don’t think I’ve been there in 15 years ….maybe it’s shorter, maybe it’s farther.  I dunno.  But it’s a long walk.  And late at night in the pitch dark, it’s pretty far.  But, if you’re tough and you keep walking, just before the dam there is a huge opening….and this is where we centralized our party.

What was planned for a semi-large group of friends turned into something kinda unbelievable.   Kids from all over the place showed up.  We had a huge bonfire going and herds and herds of teenagers just kept showing up.  There were kids there from other schools that I didn’t even know.  My older brother and a group of his friends showed up….it was awesome.  We partied.  We drank.  We sang.  We gabbed.  We laughed.  It was so much fun and I wish I could do shit like that again and again….but I’m too old now.  Damn!  I wish I was still in high school.

My friend Francis always gets pissed when I talk about high school.  I don’t think he liked his high school experience.  I didn’t necessarily like all of mine but I did love that party!  And high school sure as hell beats working for a living.  (Although I totally love my new job!)

I wish I had pictures from that party…unfortunately, that was before camera phones and digitals.  One of the biggest memories from that night is my idiot brother being hammered and knocking over my stereo, which he thought that he broke and in turn, tossed it in the fire.  Duh!!   It was retrieved and still works.  🙂

Anyways, that’s my Moon Tower story and a blog post.  So now I don’t feel as guilty.  🙂



2 responses

  1. So glad you’re still lovin’ the new job (and this weather!)! This party sounds, well, epic. Except for the stereo barbeque part. LOL

    March 22, 2012 at 9:55 am

  2. amy k

    I know the weather has been unreal here, Its awesome, days like that i just want to skip spring and go right into summer. But of course mother nature teases us. lol. Now today Mar 24 its -2 and very windy. But of course i’m reminded, days like that ( hot days) then a few days later chilly days i always get sick…… head cold. I love mother nature, bitch, lol.

    Sandy, as i’m reading about the parties you went too, i think of the blue beach ones….. i went to a lot of those in high school. Good old memories 😉

    March 24, 2012 at 11:53 am

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