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I take full credit for sucking these days.  It’s ridiculous how long I’ve gone without a blog.  But what’s more ridiculous is how busy life is at the moment.  However, the end of tax season is a mere week away and once the end arrives then things will settle down with work and life will be less hectic.  🙂

In the meantime, here’ a little something:

(And a special thanks to my “friends” at Thoughts Appear and GO Guilty Pleasures  for their posts so I can cheat and post something today – SHOUT OUT!!)

1- Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched?

Yes, I’m totally paranoid.  Are you watching me now??

2 – Pop-Tarts: frosted or unfrosted?

Um, I really only like chocolate Pop-Tarts and they definitely have to be frosted.  I think I’m more of a Toaster Strudel kinda girl. 🙂

3 – What age would you want to stay forever?

To quote Bryan Adams: “18 ’til I die!”

4 – What’s your favorite quote?

“When you get a second…f**k off!”

5 – Name one food you’ve never tried…and don’t want to.


6 – Do you floss? If not, do you lie to your dentist about it?

I floss when there’s something in my teeth.  But I brush like a mad person and my dentist always tells me it’s workin’ for me.  😀

7 – Do you remember your dreams?

Sometimes I remember my dreams.  Sometimes they’re tooooo good to forget.

8 – You are driving. Someone flips you off. What is the best reaction?

Depends on where I am.  Sometimes I’ll blow ’em a kiss.  Others I’ll chase ’em down like I’m crazy and scare the shit out of ’em.

9 – What would you love to be doing on Friday night?

Ahh..back in the day Fridays were for bustin’ out and having fun…..these days I look forward to relaxing, watching Grimm and sleeeeeeeeeeping.  I miss sleep.

10 – Do you consider yourself a high-maintenance person?

I don’t.  But everyone else does.  (Per Carl B. “You’re a lot of work.”)

There.  A post.