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Happy Apple Blossom!!!

It’s that time of year again!!  It’s Apple Blossom Festival time!!  And to all my fellow Valley-ians:



For those of you reading who are not familiar with our festival go here:  http://www.appleblossom.com/

And I will also try to explain.  What started off (80 years ago) as a nice way to celebrate the beauty of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, has turned into a ridiculous celebration that kicked off tonight.

Our festival has music and hikes and car shows and fairs and huge parades and Apple Blossom royalty and fireworks and concerts and Fun!

When I was little the highlights of Apple Blossom were the fair (I LOVED the tilt-o-whirl) and the parade, which lasts for hours.  The fireworks were always fun too.  We got to stay up late and get lost in the crowds.  My dream as a child was to grow up and run for Princess and Queen Annapolisa (until I reached the age, started my race for Princess and realized I had to give up the partying part of Apple Blossom and therefore the drinking part of Apple Blossom.  And then that was the end of that dream.  Yes, I do have regrets.); back in those days Apple Blossom was a family thing.  Barbecues and gatherings would follow the Saturday parade.

But then I grew up.  And I discovered the Pubs on Apple Blossom.  And for many years I made my ways to lawn and beer tents of the local pubs and had reunions with tons of people I either hadn’t seen in years or was seeing everyday.  Either/or, we were mostly all drunk.  And it was always a blast!

Apple Blossom is the one time of year when you can almost get away with anything in downtown Kentville, NS.  The local police are expecting rowdiness and for the most part, people are just out to have a good time.  Yes, there’s always some asshole out to ruin things and make a spectacle of him/herself, but most of us – we’re not quite bumpkins so we can handle ourselves.

Unfortunately, the last few years I haven’t been partaking TOO much in the festivities – skipping, once or twice, the Saturday afternoon stuff in favor of spending the day with Blair and visiting Emma.  But this year Blair is working during the day so I’m considering taking in some Apple Blossom Saturday stuff.  Not quite sure what the day will hold: I may check out the parade with my nephews and S-I-L, or meet up with my cousin Tanya (SHOUT OUT!), *note: I once pulled a cooler out of my purse in the middle of the Grand Street Parade and passed it to her underage self (seriously, I’m all class!!) but more than likely I will eventually end up on the lawn of the pub and mix and mingle like it’s a freakin’ Christmas party, tho I won’t be tossing back too many drinks.  A) I’m an adult now, dammit!  B) I don’t hold my liquor well (*see: https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/oy-i-am-so-not-17-anymore/)  C) I will more than likely have to make my way back to itty-bitty nephews  D) I will be heading out to Blair’s sometime afterward.

Regardless, good times will be had by all.

If you’re in the area (I know some of you are not – boo!), definitely check out some of the events.  If you are from the area, tell me some of your favorite Apple Blossom memories!




My New Favorite Video!!

Friday morning my co-worker Ashley played the following video for me (and then shared it to my Facebook page).  It’s hilarious…..and it makes me wanna A) dance B) play baseball (a la my junior high school years) C) visit Harvard.




Shout Out and Sea Monsters

Hey y’all!  It’s been a while since I posted a Shout Out!  And I think it’s about time.

This week’s Shout Out! goes to my friend Angel (yes Angel, I’m talking about you!) who just happened to be in my dream this morning.  My most lamest of lame dream about a crazy-ass sea monster!

I’m not quite sure where my dream came from and I actually haven’t talked to Angel in a while but the dream in it’s entirety was messed up to start.  But it got worse.  I guess it was more of a nightmare all the way thru…it was just so lame!

And I’m not going to bore you with minor details (some of which I can remember and some I’m not quite able to articulate), but what it came down to was me and Blair on a weird road-trippy bus (let me just point out that I would NEVER take a bus anywhere…they scare the crap outta me) and me talking about to Angel on the phone.  As I was gabbing away to her we crossed  a body of water (Hmm, anyone ever recall me mentioning I HATE THE WATER?!) and as I peered out the window I could see a giant blobby starfishy type thing swarming at us from just under the surface.  It ZOOOOMED at the bus and no one saw it but me.  It sorta looked like this:

….But it was BIGGER and ANGRIER and it had eyes and teeth!

Thankfully, just as the damn thing leaped out of the water my alarm clock went off and woke me up.



Yeah yeah, I know it’s LAME!  I’ve had far scarier dreams, but this one was so weird and random and outta nowhere.

Anyway, Shout Out to my friend, Angel!!



A Great Weekend

What a great LONG weekend (and thank goodness I have one more day off!!).  

So, for me, this great weekend has included the following:

– A work out at the gym each day (obviously)

– My honey

– A movie date at the Drive In

– Watching the season ender of Grimm (I love this show – but it sucks that it’s now over till the fall)

– Shopping

– Finishing my book (John Grisham’s A Painted House)

– Drinks with friends

– Birthday pie for breakfast (I normally wouldn’t condone this but what the heck) (PS.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!! xoxo)

– Waking up to find this at my door (THANKS HELEN!!)

– SNL (We’ll miss you Kristen Wiig)

– A birthday party for twins

– Watching ball hockey WITH Blair and then having a mini date afterward

– A call from my girl, Steph (xoxoxoxo)

– LOTS of sunshine!!!

– Extra sleep

– Another day off tomorrow  🙂


PS – sorry for the pre-post.  Dum Dum (that’d be me) hit Publish instead of Preview.  WHOOPS.



Last summer I was introduced to the Larabar – a yummy, delicious, wholesome, nutritious snack bar, made entirely of raw food, the main ingredient being dates.  They’re a little on the expensive side so I decided that I would attempt my own version of them.

I bought my dates and ground them into a paste:

Then I ground of nuts:

… and added them to the paste:

I added in vanilla (straight from Mexico):

Since I’m a crazy chocoholic I added healthier Carob chips (in place of chocolate chips):

Some lovely ground cinnamon:

And mixed it all together:

Then I flattened it out on my stone:

And then you cut them up and wrap them:

(They really should look like this:)


The best thing about these treats is that they’re so easy to make.  And you can add any ingredient: coconut, fruit, other spices.  Easy-peasy and totally yummy.



A Saxophone and the Clap!

While running on the treadmill at the gym not too long ago, “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham! came on my iPod and I nearly broke out into the Running Man (pun, sorta-not-intended), wanting to imitate the Carlton Dance, trying desperately not to also break into song (which has happened before (Damn You, Paris Hilton!!)) and it dawned on me that some of the best funnest music are older (ie 80’s) tunes with a crazy beat.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am, without-a-d0ubt (as one of my good friends put it) a “classic rock junky kinda babe” and I will always hold true to my love of Classic Rock (BTW, RIP Levon Helm – you are already missed), but 80’s music can always get me to dance.  And they’re some of the best songs to work out to (Karma Chameleon, We’re Not Gonna Take It, 99 Red Balloons {or any of Nena’s other languaged versions (ie LUFT Balloons), etc.).  And there’s something to be said about a crazy saxophone blaring in the background of a lame pop song, but it always gets my legs running faster and my hips shaking….in a good way.

And then we have that clap! No, not THE CLAPP, weirdos, I’m talking about that great part of a song when you just hafta CLAP (Which, btw, is also a standard for great 70’s songs – We Will Rock You, Sweet Home Alabama – AND, thanks to Justin Timberlake, it still holds strong for today’s music).  I love the clap!  Every good song should include a clap.  You know the one….the standard for several songs, sometimes followed or preceded by a pause.  Think along the lines of the “Friends” theme by the Rembrandts (but not the same clap) or the Mike Seaver Twirl (think: Growing Pains opening credits – Kirk Cameron (as Mike Seaver) – click the link below and wait for 0.27 seconds (YAY 80’s!!!):


Back to my point…the saxophone and the clap.  Could life be any sweeter when these two crazy fools are combined?  🙂  Standards for good and goofy times.

I’ve missed the sax a bit, these years of late, but thanks to Lady Gaga and Miss Katy Perry and her wonderful humor I’ve been hearing more and more of it.  I didn’t think I would appreciate it but I did.  Hearing that “great sax sound” brought back memories of my junior high childhood and listening singing along to Michael Bolton and listening to Kenny G (when forced to) and timelessly watching Lisa Simpson and “that damn saxophone” (I also played the sax in middle school – SO LAME!!!  But it was cool at the time, I SWEAR!).

Music sure has changed but, like everything else, what’s old is new again.  As per Gaga and Perry, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more saxophone soon enough.  Who knows what else will happen, maybe we’ll be hearing more synthesizer bands making their shitty way back into music.  Let’s hope not – there’s enough “electronic sound” in today’s music – which is one of the many reasons why I still love me some Classic Rock.

But no matter my love of old rock tunes and real bands and guitars of twang and metal, I will always have room for a little pop in my life.  In all its glory of bubblegum and fast steppy beats and Kirk Cameron Twirls and Saxophones and The Clap!



It’s a Wonderful Day!

What a great day I’m having so far.  I finally got to sleep in just a tad this morning – but sleeping in ’til even 8am was a treat.  🙂

The first thing on my agenda was gettin’ my hair did (yeah, I said it.)…FINALLY!  I’ve been wanting needing a cut and a color for a few months now but I just haven’t had the time.  So today was the day.  Thank you, Mom!

After my hair appointment I met up with fellow asshole, Jaime and we headed into B’erk to the Apple Dome for the “Great Big Garage Sale.”  Thank goodness I went because I scored two of the Twilight Saga books for a buck each (seriously, SCORE!).  And Jaime got some things for the house.  Plus we did some wicked negotiating with some old dude and got a few cool toy things for her rent-a-boy, Tyson (he’s a cutie-pie).  Some guy even volunteered to be my manager but I negotiate just fine on my own, thanks.  The way I look at it: You can either take the money we’re offering or you can lug this junk back home with you and put it by the side of the road where some scavenger or garbage collection will take it….for free.  I think our offer is a much better gain.

After Jaime headed home to pick up said boy, I went and had a good workout at the gym, then ran some errands and now I’m sitting in the sun on Blair’s deck, writing, relaxing and will soon begin dinner and enjoy a glass of wine (if my stomach can handle it (see my previous post).

Although I am bummed a bit about missing out on a party with friends tonight (BOO!!), I’m looking forward to having date night with the man.  It probably works out for the best since the party is an outside bonfire type thingy and I have bronchitis.  (And my cough is most obnoxious in the evenings.)  It’s better for me to be inside – though part of me wishes Blair and I would/could participate.  Ah well, summer is on the way and I’m sure there will be more opportunities for that sort of thing (hear that Jaime and Melissa?  Bonfires and barbecues this summer, please).

I’m sure the rest of my weekend will be just as grand as today has been.  I’m looking forward to it.