Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Oy!! I am SO not 17 anymore!

WELCOME BACK (technically that’s for me)!!  It has been a crazy couple of months but tax season has officially ENDED so my life (work, social, etc.) will hopefully be a little more exciting these days.  And I’m hoping to be getting back to my blogging a bit more faithfully.

Right now I’m working on catching up on sleep – tho I started, finished and started more Grisham books so sleep comes when I can forego my addiction to his brilliant (meh, close enough) writings.

In the meantime, I feel I OWE it to my blogging community to share an embarrassing story since I’ve not been a good blog host.  So here goes:

About a month ago (Lord, when was Good Friday??) Blair and I had plans with another couple, friends of mine, to go out to dinner.  It was Blair’s first time meeting them so I was excited for that AND to have a date OUT with my man. 🙂

I had to work that day all weekend so I left Blair’s Friday morning and headed for the office.  Since it was a stat holiday and we were all suckered into working, the Partners bought us lunch.  I wasn’t quite in the mood to eat as I preferred to put my time in and get the heck outta there, so I devoured half of my Wendy’s side salad and got back to my work.  I had intended on being out of the office early enough so that I could get a workout in before Blair arrived, and then we’d have a few hours together while I got ready and we headed out for dinner.  So, a half side salad it was.

Once we got to the pub I decided to have some wine….more wine than I’d normally have, but hey, what the hell!  I had some wine. 🙂  And when Sandy (that’s me!) has wine or any other alcoholic beverage she gets chatty.  And once she starts, she doesn’t stop.  So while I’m working away at my teriyaki chicken salad, the rest of the crew had chowed down and waiting for me to finish.  So I only ate half of my teriyaki chicken salad (fret not, dear friends, NO WINE WAS WASTED!!).

My friends, F & B , had invited us back to their place to hang out and play cards.  And after a little while we opened up a bottle of wine, from which I drank.  Merrily.  Until I made the mistake of becoming stationary.  Then I started to feel a little *ahem* “iffy”… And once I started feeling iffy I started barfing.  OMG.  FML!  How embarrassing.  (BUT in my defense I would like to remind you all that I didn’t eat an entire meal all day and didn’t consume enough H20 to keep me hydrated and well balanced and therefore it is, albeit entirely, NOT entirely my fault.)

I threw up a whole lot that night.  I puked in the toilet.  I puked on the lawn while attempting to get into my car.  And several times did I ask Blair to pull over so that I could puke on the side of the road.  Oh yeah, I am ALL KINDS OF CLASSY!!

The best part, however, came when I told Blair he had to pull over (again) and when he did, in a gas station parking lot, I told him he had to leave because I couldn’t puke there (I couldn’t hold my head up for the life of me but I still refused to puke in a parking lot), so Blair continued on, trying to get me home, when I began asking demanding again that he pull over – immediately – but he couldn’t find a place: “Where?  I can’t pull over here.  Where???”   And then it happened….I threw up — in my hand —- in my car!!  (Once again, I AM ALL KINDS OF CLASSY!!)

Poor Blair!  I am so glad he loves me.  I continued my vomiting that night (and restarted around 5:30am) while my poor, wonderful, loving boyfriend sacked it out on the couch because he didn’t want to rock the bed and risk me throwing up on him.  🙂  I love him.

Anyways, I have not had any wine since.  I am reminded that I cannot drink like I used to.  I am reminded that I never could drink like that anyway.  I am reminded that I am not 17 years old anymore.  I am reminded that that drunken mess is so not becoming on me.

Thank you to my boyfriend and friends for not disowning me and for allowing me to throw up wherever I wanted that evening ( like y’all had a choice!).



3 responses

  1. Oh, Sandy, I’ve been there!!! Sometimes it seems like when we need wine the most, it turns on us. So happy to have you back in the blogosphere! 🙂

    May 1, 2012 at 9:33 pm

  2. Thanks Jules! So happy to be back! (And I just watched your second husband’s Whitney tribute. Totally impressed!)

    May 1, 2012 at 9:37 pm

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