Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

It’s a Wonderful Day!

What a great day I’m having so far.  I finally got to sleep in just a tad this morning – but sleeping in ’til even 8am was a treat.  🙂

The first thing on my agenda was gettin’ my hair did (yeah, I said it.)…FINALLY!  I’ve been wanting needing a cut and a color for a few months now but I just haven’t had the time.  So today was the day.  Thank you, Mom!

After my hair appointment I met up with fellow asshole, Jaime and we headed into B’erk to the Apple Dome for the “Great Big Garage Sale.”  Thank goodness I went because I scored two of the Twilight Saga books for a buck each (seriously, SCORE!).  And Jaime got some things for the house.  Plus we did some wicked negotiating with some old dude and got a few cool toy things for her rent-a-boy, Tyson (he’s a cutie-pie).  Some guy even volunteered to be my manager but I negotiate just fine on my own, thanks.  The way I look at it: You can either take the money we’re offering or you can lug this junk back home with you and put it by the side of the road where some scavenger or garbage collection will take it….for free.  I think our offer is a much better gain.

After Jaime headed home to pick up said boy, I went and had a good workout at the gym, then ran some errands and now I’m sitting in the sun on Blair’s deck, writing, relaxing and will soon begin dinner and enjoy a glass of wine (if my stomach can handle it (see my previous post).

Although I am bummed a bit about missing out on a party with friends tonight (BOO!!), I’m looking forward to having date night with the man.  It probably works out for the best since the party is an outside bonfire type thingy and I have bronchitis.  (And my cough is most obnoxious in the evenings.)  It’s better for me to be inside – though part of me wishes Blair and I would/could participate.  Ah well, summer is on the way and I’m sure there will be more opportunities for that sort of thing (hear that Jaime and Melissa?  Bonfires and barbecues this summer, please).

I’m sure the rest of my weekend will be just as grand as today has been.  I’m looking forward to it.


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  1. So much awesomeness in this post – sleeping in, puppy picture, getting hair did, cheap Twilight books, wine… Yay, Sandy!! I hope you’re feeling better – especially in time for the next bon fire 🙂

    May 7, 2012 at 8:09 pm

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