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A Saxophone and the Clap!

While running on the treadmill at the gym not too long ago, “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham! came on my iPod and I nearly broke out into the Running Man (pun, sorta-not-intended), wanting to imitate the Carlton Dance, trying desperately not to also break into song (which has happened before (Damn You, Paris Hilton!!)) and it dawned on me that some of the best funnest music are older (ie 80’s) tunes with a crazy beat.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am, without-a-d0ubt (as one of my good friends put it) a “classic rock junky kinda babe” and I will always hold true to my love of Classic Rock (BTW, RIP Levon Helm – you are already missed), but 80’s music can always get me to dance.  And they’re some of the best songs to work out to (Karma Chameleon, We’re Not Gonna Take It, 99 Red Balloons {or any of Nena’s other languaged versions (ie LUFT Balloons), etc.).  And there’s something to be said about a crazy saxophone blaring in the background of a lame pop song, but it always gets my legs running faster and my hips shaking….in a good way.

And then we have that clap! No, not THE CLAPP, weirdos, I’m talking about that great part of a song when you just hafta CLAP (Which, btw, is also a standard for great 70’s songs – We Will Rock You, Sweet Home Alabama – AND, thanks to Justin Timberlake, it still holds strong for today’s music).  I love the clap!  Every good song should include a clap.  You know the one….the standard for several songs, sometimes followed or preceded by a pause.  Think along the lines of the “Friends” theme by the Rembrandts (but not the same clap) or the Mike Seaver Twirl (think: Growing Pains opening credits – Kirk Cameron (as Mike Seaver) – click the link below and wait for 0.27 seconds (YAY 80’s!!!):


Back to my point…the saxophone and the clap.  Could life be any sweeter when these two crazy fools are combined?  🙂  Standards for good and goofy times.

I’ve missed the sax a bit, these years of late, but thanks to Lady Gaga and Miss Katy Perry and her wonderful humor I’ve been hearing more and more of it.  I didn’t think I would appreciate it but I did.  Hearing that “great sax sound” brought back memories of my junior high childhood and listening singing along to Michael Bolton and listening to Kenny G (when forced to) and timelessly watching Lisa Simpson and “that damn saxophone” (I also played the sax in middle school – SO LAME!!!  But it was cool at the time, I SWEAR!).

Music sure has changed but, like everything else, what’s old is new again.  As per Gaga and Perry, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more saxophone soon enough.  Who knows what else will happen, maybe we’ll be hearing more synthesizer bands making their shitty way back into music.  Let’s hope not – there’s enough “electronic sound” in today’s music – which is one of the many reasons why I still love me some Classic Rock.

But no matter my love of old rock tunes and real bands and guitars of twang and metal, I will always have room for a little pop in my life.  In all its glory of bubblegum and fast steppy beats and Kirk Cameron Twirls and Saxophones and The Clap!




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  1. Yesss. This is making me want to do the Carlton just reading about it! And “Last Friday Night” is priceless. Did you see a Katy Perry movie (I think in 3D) is coming out this summer? I can’t WAIT!

    May 10, 2012 at 3:03 pm

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