Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Happy Apple Blossom!!!

It’s that time of year again!!  It’s Apple Blossom Festival time!!  And to all my fellow Valley-ians:



For those of you reading who are not familiar with our festival go here:  http://www.appleblossom.com/

And I will also try to explain.  What started off (80 years ago) as a nice way to celebrate the beauty of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, has turned into a ridiculous celebration that kicked off tonight.

Our festival has music and hikes and car shows and fairs and huge parades and Apple Blossom royalty and fireworks and concerts and Fun!

When I was little the highlights of Apple Blossom were the fair (I LOVED the tilt-o-whirl) and the parade, which lasts for hours.  The fireworks were always fun too.  We got to stay up late and get lost in the crowds.  My dream as a child was to grow up and run for Princess and Queen Annapolisa (until I reached the age, started my race for Princess and realized I had to give up the partying part of Apple Blossom and therefore the drinking part of Apple Blossom.  And then that was the end of that dream.  Yes, I do have regrets.); back in those days Apple Blossom was a family thing.  Barbecues and gatherings would follow the Saturday parade.

But then I grew up.  And I discovered the Pubs on Apple Blossom.  And for many years I made my ways to lawn and beer tents of the local pubs and had reunions with tons of people I either hadn’t seen in years or was seeing everyday.  Either/or, we were mostly all drunk.  And it was always a blast!

Apple Blossom is the one time of year when you can almost get away with anything in downtown Kentville, NS.  The local police are expecting rowdiness and for the most part, people are just out to have a good time.  Yes, there’s always some asshole out to ruin things and make a spectacle of him/herself, but most of us – we’re not quite bumpkins so we can handle ourselves.

Unfortunately, the last few years I haven’t been partaking TOO much in the festivities – skipping, once or twice, the Saturday afternoon stuff in favor of spending the day with Blair and visiting Emma.  But this year Blair is working during the day so I’m considering taking in some Apple Blossom Saturday stuff.  Not quite sure what the day will hold: I may check out the parade with my nephews and S-I-L, or meet up with my cousin Tanya (SHOUT OUT!), *note: I once pulled a cooler out of my purse in the middle of the Grand Street Parade and passed it to her underage self (seriously, I’m all class!!) but more than likely I will eventually end up on the lawn of the pub and mix and mingle like it’s a freakin’ Christmas party, tho I won’t be tossing back too many drinks.  A) I’m an adult now, dammit!  B) I don’t hold my liquor well (*see: https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/oy-i-am-so-not-17-anymore/)  C) I will more than likely have to make my way back to itty-bitty nephews  D) I will be heading out to Blair’s sometime afterward.

Regardless, good times will be had by all.

If you’re in the area (I know some of you are not – boo!), definitely check out some of the events.  If you are from the area, tell me some of your favorite Apple Blossom memories!




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