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Katy Perry…You are a Firework!!


Katy Perry

Yesterday Blair and I took Emma-Roo to see The Katy Perry Movie: Part of Me.

Now, to be completely honest, I had no desire to see this film.  I like Katy Perry and all – she’s fun and her songs are usually upbeat and poppy (great for working out to) – but I really didn’t want to spend money on this little documentary.  But, Emma is 15 and it’s something she wanted to see, so off we went.

It was a good little show.  We got some history on Katy and her family and their background and her music career and struggles to get to where she is.  For the most part it was fun and poppy and upbeat.  But this movie made me sad.  And I’m going to, once again, be completely honest…I cried.

Oh my goodness, I cried.  My heart aches now thinking about that poor girl.  See, she married silly Russell Brand and of course when that happened everyone rolled their eyes and said “yeah, that won’t last long.”  And it was the truth. But now that I’ve had some insight I feel bad for being one of those people.

From what I could see in the film, Katy was completely in love with Russell.  She thought that he was the one.  She did all that she could do to make their marriage work while working and being on tour.  And when the relationship failed and the marriage ended, Katy, like any other person, was devastated.  Her depression and her sadness and her tears were all felt thru me because, regardless of her celebrity stature, a broken heart is a broken heart.  And Lord knows I’ve been there.

 So to Ms. Perry, I say this:

Dear Katy:

Know this…you are strong and beautiful and celebrated but love doesn’t always work out the way we had hoped it would.  People let us down, hearts get broken and love sometimes gets lost.  Maybe he was the one for you, maybe not.  Maybe the time just isn’t right now.  Don’t give up.   Love will find you again and it will be so incredible that it will make you weep.  In the meantime, have fun, enjoy your blessed life and hold dear that, although it’s not the same love you’ve recently lost, you have a bazillion fans, friends and family who love you and your music and are thankful for sharing such a personal part of your life.

Your honesty has touched me in a way that I wasn’t expecting and I’m not sure how I feel about being the only person in the theater sobbing.  I felt your pain.  I’m still feeling it.  I’ve felt it before.  My heart still aches for your pain and your loss of love and loss of your fairy tale.   But, as I said and as you know, you are blessed.  Be thankful for all you have experienced and stay bright and shiny.  You are a firework!

Smile.  🙂



My girl, Janelle

My summer sin is back – thank you CBS for Big Brother!

Copyright CBS

It is my favorite the ONLY reality show I’ve ever watched.  And I’ve been watching since Season 1 (all hail, Brittany Petros).

I normally hate reality tv but for some reason, many years ago, I got sucked into the Big Brother realm.  And I’ve never left.  Every spring I look forward to summer for the next season of 3 month show.  I’ve spent so much time over the years re-watching recorded shows, YouTubing clips and live feed stuff, re-hashing the night-before with co-workers.   It’s a little ridiculous how addicted I am.

My all-time favorite player is Janelle Pierzina from season 6 and season 7; Big Brother – All Stars – along with (both seasons) my second favorite player/all time favorite male, Kaysar Ridha (“What up, Kaysarrrr?”).

Kaysar & Janelle – I really should be friends with these people.

<Yes, I am well aware of how big of a nerd I am.  Please don’t feel the need to mention it.  Of course, if you wanted to comment, certainly go ahead.>

This season, the 14th, Janelle is back.  This time as a coach to other players.  She has 3 players on her team and thankfully they’re all likable.  But regardless, I am always Team Janelle.

She is on my girl-crush list.  Here are some reasons why:

She’s beautiful.

She’s funny.  Sooo funny.  “Bye bye, bitches!”

She’s intelligent.  Seriously, pay attention to things she says on the show – especially on the feeds/After Dark.  She’s no dummy.  And she kicks ass at chess.

She’s athletic.  {She holds the title for most comp wins on the show.)

She’s likeable.  And she’s friendly (Okay, maayybe she didn’t get along with some of her Season 6 housemates – The Nerd Herd, but that’s because “The Friendship” was stupid and they were idiots.)  🙂

Basically, she’s the shit.

So, for this summer season (and any future seasons) I will be cheering on from the sidelines for Janelle.

In the meantime: Mike Boogie, you’re an idiot.  You suck.  Go home!!

(can y’all see the resemblance??)

Ugh, the coat-tail-riding-moron from “Chilltown”


Burn Baby Burn

Dear Sun:  I used to really really like you.  Tonight, you’re on my list.

Today my friend Amy K and I had plans to hit the beach for the day.  The temperature was supposed to hit 31 degrees (44 with the humidex).  So up and at ’em early, we were; getting ready, packing up, getting together munchies, etc.

I picked her up around 11 and we made our way out to the lake.  We were the first ones there so we got the best spot at my favorite private hide-a-way (which more and more people are discovering, dammit), but since I don’t think anyone really needs to see me in a swimsuit, I am happy to deal with a smaller group of beach bums than a packed beach.

Chillin’ like a villain

We had a load of magazines, suntan lotion, ice water and good old conversation.   We slathered on the lotion and began our day of relaxing – reading fashion magazines, gossiping and reminiscing about high school.  There was a cool breeze by the water the whole day, which was wonderful.  Otherwise the heat would have been unbearable.

After a few hours I decided to hit the water.  Amy doesn’t really swim so she sat on the dock and splashed her feet.  But I swam quite a while, cooling myself off.  But as soon as the water hit my back I knew I had gotten too much sun.  My back was burning.  The water splashing on it was so ouchy.   I should have known better.

When I finished swimming we laid in the sun for a bit longer so we could dry off, have lunch, and honestly, we just hadn’t learned our lesson yet.

Of course, once home we’ve discovered the severity (and idiocity) of our burns.



Not only is my back crazy-ass burnt to a crisp (I wish this photo could really do it justice), so are my arms, the backs of my thighs, creases of my knees and my calves.

*sigh*  So dumb!

Anyway, I guess I will know better for next time.  Just because I can’t feel the burn….it’s likely happening.

As the Great Gazoo would tell me = I’m a dumb dumb.

I SHOULD have known better.

I hope to be smarter next time.


PS..that’s Winston in the background of my photo. 🙂

Wind, Wine and Wildcats!

This week officially kicked off my summer with Mondays off (with pay!) and it was a gorgeous day so I had big plans.

Now, let me start by saying a few things about my boyfriend, Blair:

1) I love him

2) He LOVES hockey.  He loves most sports…except baseball

3) Getting him out of the house to do something adventurous is usually something that never happens (Last year we I  had big plans for us to head to Mahone Bay for the day and the jackass Blair locked his keys in his house…I have the only spare.  So, instead of driving to Mahone Bay I ended up driving *SLOWLY* in the opposite direction to his place where we stayed.  Grrr!!

So, imagine how excited I was when he agreed to have a date Monday afternoon once Abby went to her mom’s.  I was elated.  But it gets even better.

We ended up heading to Harbourville – a lovely little fishing village with an incredible view:


where I thought we could explore the rocky shore

the Miss Nichole

and roam the wharfs, and then it was suggested that we would have dinner at the Schnitzelhaus

Schnitzel, anyone?

but to our surprise, the restaurant, and gift shop, were both closed.  Strange.

The wind was, as always by the water, stronger and the water was quite choppy

I love the ocean

and although I could have stayed all day and roamed the beach and explored, Blair got cold or bored and wanted to head out.

But, our date didn’t end there, as I normally would have expected.  We headed back into Town and had a lovely dinner at the Pub, which was almost deserted (also strange), and I had a crisp, cold glass of wine.


(Sorry, I just left to go get an actual glass of wine.)

But the date didn’t end there…we went for a stroll around Town (where a man stopped his truck and yelled out the window “You’re some cute!!**) and then for a quick visit with my parents

Mom and Dad

…And then, as Blair had suggested earlier in the day, we went to a baseball game!!  Once again, Blair hates baseball.  I love it!  I played baseball in middle school and junior high…and a little bit in high school.  And H.Bo and I were recruited to play in college but I don’t think we ever played a game…we just went to cheer….and drink.  AND I have my ball glove in my trunk…because you never know when you might get a to grab a game of catch.

So we headed to the field and watched the Wildcats play ball….and win!  It was an excellent game that lasted three and a half hours but it was a perfect night to be outside (though I could have used another glass of wine).

His bent arm grosses me out!

And of course, I can’t go too far without mingling – chatted with some old neighbors/friends and when I headed to the canteen to get Blair a drink and me a piece of black licorice I spotted a teacher I had in 7th grade making french fries.  So I chatted with him a tad and then another old dude strolled over to chat.  He didn’t know me but I went to school with two of his kids so we got chatting and he ended up phoning his daughter and putting me on the phone to chat with her…something I haven’t done in probably 6 years.  Interesting.  He then told me I was beautiful.  Creepy, but appreciated.

Blair and I had a great time watching the game and laughing at the hecklers.  And the crowd who heckled the hecklers.   And of course the Wildcats won the game, which just about topped the night off.

It was the best date I’d had in a while.  🙂


**The man was actually my great uncle Mike, but it’s still appreciated. 🙂

Antiquing We Will Go

What a mahvelous weekend!  We had so much gorgeous sun the last few days and I couldn’t resist being outside and soaking it all up as much as possible.  And while taking advantage of the summer heat, Blair, Abby and I did some antiquing yesterday morning.  And I came away with some beautiful little pieces.

Some of the results of a morning well spent.

I found this be sweet little “A” and got it for Abby.  It’s got three little “diamonds” (who knows?  They could be real.) going vertically up the center.  It’s hard to really get a good idea of it from this shot because I took the photo with my phone, and well, my sight is always blurry. 🙂

Abby’s “A”

I saw this beautiful little artsy piece of the Virgin Mary and picked it up for my cousin, Elizabeth.  I know she will appreciate it.  Although, it’s going to be hard to let go of.   It’s so pretty.  Once again, my vision sucks and the photo isn’t as good as it could be but, hey, I have to live with it 24/7 so there!  🙂 🙂

Elizabeth’s Virgin Mary

This little silver cross needs some shining up but it’s quite lovely and I couldn’t pass it up.  This one I’m keeping.  🙂

“When you see the Southern Cross for the first time….”

This silver money clip needs to be polished up but it will make a sweet little keepsake for someone …with cash.

If you have the money to spare…

And for the piece de resistance (I should actually say pieces)…I am a huge nerd when it comes to many things, and one of them is collecting coins.  I love old coins…there’s something mysterious and adventurous in them.  So I was certainly happy to pick up a few new pieces for my collection.

Mo’ money

Several of them are they are all gems, including some older foreign coins from the early 40’s, a Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission coin/token from God knows when?  This one is cool…and it, too, is Canadian:

I have some research to do

All in all, it was a great morning rooting thru other people’s things.  Blair was actually kind of impressed. Bonus!



Good Deeds Gone Fierce

On my way to work a few weeks ago I noticed something in the road.  As I slowly made my way by I realized it was an itty bitty baby raccoon.

How could you pass up a face like this?

The poor little thing was all alone and I figured it wouldn’t last long at the rate it was going so I pulled my car to the side of the road and trotted back down to where it was.  The baby couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old (I know nothing of raccoons) but this little guy was like Bambi on his first walk:  Each and every time the raccoon would take several steps it would then collapse onto the street, limbs sprawled in every direction.

Poor Bambi…you’ll figure it out

I felt bad for it but it was still completely adorable.

While I was irritating helping him, a car had stopped at the top of the hill and waited patiently as I “shoo”ed and “here kitty kitty”ed him (and yes, I’m him-ing it because a female would have known how to get across the street {JOKE of the day! BAM!!}).

Eventually, I had to succumb and decided to physically move the damn thing off the road as to prevent it from being, well, roadkill.  I wrapped my hands in my sweater (I don’t want rabies) and cautiously picked him up and put him back on the other side of the road.

Instinctively, the sweet little baby turned into the psycho pissed-off raccoon from that movie I’m sure we’ve all seen (The Great Outdoors, maybe?);


But eventually he realized I was helping him and his badass hiss turned into a sweet little nickity nick sound of thanks and it made its way back into the woods.

The car  from up the street drove down to me and the old man behind the wheel said “That was your good deed of kindness for the day.”

Ahhh….ooey gooey feelings of helping and satisfaction.

There….don’tcha just want to give yourself a big hug?


PS The Great Outdoors rocked.  Chris Young was a hottie!

Teenage Dream?