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Good Deeds Gone Fierce

On my way to work a few weeks ago I noticed something in the road.  As I slowly made my way by I realized it was an itty bitty baby raccoon.

How could you pass up a face like this?

The poor little thing was all alone and I figured it wouldn’t last long at the rate it was going so I pulled my car to the side of the road and trotted back down to where it was.  The baby couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old (I know nothing of raccoons) but this little guy was like Bambi on his first walk:  Each and every time the raccoon would take several steps it would then collapse onto the street, limbs sprawled in every direction.

Poor Bambi…you’ll figure it out

I felt bad for it but it was still completely adorable.

While I was irritating helping him, a car had stopped at the top of the hill and waited patiently as I “shoo”ed and “here kitty kitty”ed him (and yes, I’m him-ing it because a female would have known how to get across the street {JOKE of the day! BAM!!}).

Eventually, I had to succumb and decided to physically move the damn thing off the road as to prevent it from being, well, roadkill.  I wrapped my hands in my sweater (I don’t want rabies) and cautiously picked him up and put him back on the other side of the road.

Instinctively, the sweet little baby turned into the psycho pissed-off raccoon from that movie I’m sure we’ve all seen (The Great Outdoors, maybe?);


But eventually he realized I was helping him and his badass hiss turned into a sweet little nickity nick sound of thanks and it made its way back into the woods.

The car  from up the street drove down to me and the old man behind the wheel said “That was your good deed of kindness for the day.”

Ahhh….ooey gooey feelings of helping and satisfaction.

There….don’tcha just want to give yourself a big hug?


PS The Great Outdoors rocked.  Chris Young was a hottie!

Teenage Dream?




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