Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Wind, Wine and Wildcats!

This week officially kicked off my summer with Mondays off (with pay!) and it was a gorgeous day so I had big plans.

Now, let me start by saying a few things about my boyfriend, Blair:

1) I love him

2) He LOVES hockey.  He loves most sports…except baseball

3) Getting him out of the house to do something adventurous is usually something that never happens (Last year we I  had big plans for us to head to Mahone Bay for the day and the jackass Blair locked his keys in his house…I have the only spare.  So, instead of driving to Mahone Bay I ended up driving *SLOWLY* in the opposite direction to his place where we stayed.  Grrr!!

So, imagine how excited I was when he agreed to have a date Monday afternoon once Abby went to her mom’s.  I was elated.  But it gets even better.

We ended up heading to Harbourville – a lovely little fishing village with an incredible view:


where I thought we could explore the rocky shore

the Miss Nichole

and roam the wharfs, and then it was suggested that we would have dinner at the Schnitzelhaus

Schnitzel, anyone?

but to our surprise, the restaurant, and gift shop, were both closed.  Strange.

The wind was, as always by the water, stronger and the water was quite choppy

I love the ocean

and although I could have stayed all day and roamed the beach and explored, Blair got cold or bored and wanted to head out.

But, our date didn’t end there, as I normally would have expected.  We headed back into Town and had a lovely dinner at the Pub, which was almost deserted (also strange), and I had a crisp, cold glass of wine.


(Sorry, I just left to go get an actual glass of wine.)

But the date didn’t end there…we went for a stroll around Town (where a man stopped his truck and yelled out the window “You’re some cute!!**) and then for a quick visit with my parents

Mom and Dad

…And then, as Blair had suggested earlier in the day, we went to a baseball game!!  Once again, Blair hates baseball.  I love it!  I played baseball in middle school and junior high…and a little bit in high school.  And H.Bo and I were recruited to play in college but I don’t think we ever played a game…we just went to cheer….and drink.  AND I have my ball glove in my trunk…because you never know when you might get a to grab a game of catch.

So we headed to the field and watched the Wildcats play ball….and win!  It was an excellent game that lasted three and a half hours but it was a perfect night to be outside (though I could have used another glass of wine).

His bent arm grosses me out!

And of course, I can’t go too far without mingling – chatted with some old neighbors/friends and when I headed to the canteen to get Blair a drink and me a piece of black licorice I spotted a teacher I had in 7th grade making french fries.  So I chatted with him a tad and then another old dude strolled over to chat.  He didn’t know me but I went to school with two of his kids so we got chatting and he ended up phoning his daughter and putting me on the phone to chat with her…something I haven’t done in probably 6 years.  Interesting.  He then told me I was beautiful.  Creepy, but appreciated.

Blair and I had a great time watching the game and laughing at the hecklers.  And the crowd who heckled the hecklers.   And of course the Wildcats won the game, which just about topped the night off.

It was the best date I’d had in a while.  🙂


**The man was actually my great uncle Mike, but it’s still appreciated. 🙂


2 responses

  1. What a great day/date! BTW, how is the ocean water by you? Can you ever swim in it?

    And you ARE beautiful! 🙂

    July 12, 2012 at 11:45 am

  2. Julie – Nova Scotia is known as “Canada’s Ocean Playground” (seriously, it says that on our license plates). Not only do we have the world’s highest tides, we have beautiful ocean waters (and lakes!) to swim in. Some of these are too cold to even dip your toes in (Hall’s Harbour, Harbourville) but some are warm like bathwater (Kingsport). You really need to attempt a visit here…you’ll be welcome with open arms.

    And thanks! I love a compliment. But you know you are gawgeous too, right? 🙂


    July 13, 2012 at 1:21 pm

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