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My girl, Janelle

My summer sin is back – thank you CBS for Big Brother!

Copyright CBS

It is my favorite the ONLY reality show I’ve ever watched.  And I’ve been watching since Season 1 (all hail, Brittany Petros).

I normally hate reality tv but for some reason, many years ago, I got sucked into the Big Brother realm.  And I’ve never left.  Every spring I look forward to summer for the next season of 3 month show.  I’ve spent so much time over the years re-watching recorded shows, YouTubing clips and live feed stuff, re-hashing the night-before with co-workers.   It’s a little ridiculous how addicted I am.

My all-time favorite player is Janelle Pierzina from season 6 and season 7; Big Brother – All Stars – along with (both seasons) my second favorite player/all time favorite male, Kaysar Ridha (“What up, Kaysarrrr?”).

Kaysar & Janelle – I really should be friends with these people.

<Yes, I am well aware of how big of a nerd I am.  Please don’t feel the need to mention it.  Of course, if you wanted to comment, certainly go ahead.>

This season, the 14th, Janelle is back.  This time as a coach to other players.  She has 3 players on her team and thankfully they’re all likable.  But regardless, I am always Team Janelle.

She is on my girl-crush list.  Here are some reasons why:

She’s beautiful.

She’s funny.  Sooo funny.  “Bye bye, bitches!”

She’s intelligent.  Seriously, pay attention to things she says on the show – especially on the feeds/After Dark.  She’s no dummy.  And she kicks ass at chess.

She’s athletic.  {She holds the title for most comp wins on the show.)

She’s likeable.  And she’s friendly (Okay, maayybe she didn’t get along with some of her Season 6 housemates – The Nerd Herd, but that’s because “The Friendship” was stupid and they were idiots.)  🙂

Basically, she’s the shit.

So, for this summer season (and any future seasons) I will be cheering on from the sidelines for Janelle.

In the meantime: Mike Boogie, you’re an idiot.  You suck.  Go home!!

(can y’all see the resemblance??)

Ugh, the coat-tail-riding-moron from “Chilltown”



2 responses

  1. Amy

    It’s funny you post this? I was gonna ask you what team were you going for? Lol. I think either team Brittany or team Janelle should win. Get rid of the men!!!

    July 19, 2012 at 7:54 am

  2. I’m always for Team Brittany. But to be honest, as long as Boogie doesn’t win anything I’ll be happy. Brittany, Dan and Janelle are all likable. Boogie’s a douche.

    July 19, 2012 at 8:44 pm

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