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Katy Perry…You are a Firework!!


Katy Perry

Yesterday Blair and I took Emma-Roo to see The Katy Perry Movie: Part of Me.

Now, to be completely honest, I had no desire to see this film.  I like Katy Perry and all – she’s fun and her songs are usually upbeat and poppy (great for working out to) – but I really didn’t want to spend money on this little documentary.  But, Emma is 15 and it’s something she wanted to see, so off we went.

It was a good little show.  We got some history on Katy and her family and their background and her music career and struggles to get to where she is.  For the most part it was fun and poppy and upbeat.  But this movie made me sad.  And I’m going to, once again, be completely honest…I cried.

Oh my goodness, I cried.  My heart aches now thinking about that poor girl.  See, she married silly Russell Brand and of course when that happened everyone rolled their eyes and said “yeah, that won’t last long.”  And it was the truth. But now that I’ve had some insight I feel bad for being one of those people.

From what I could see in the film, Katy was completely in love with Russell.  She thought that he was the one.  She did all that she could do to make their marriage work while working and being on tour.  And when the relationship failed and the marriage ended, Katy, like any other person, was devastated.  Her depression and her sadness and her tears were all felt thru me because, regardless of her celebrity stature, a broken heart is a broken heart.  And Lord knows I’ve been there.

 So to Ms. Perry, I say this:

Dear Katy:

Know this…you are strong and beautiful and celebrated but love doesn’t always work out the way we had hoped it would.  People let us down, hearts get broken and love sometimes gets lost.  Maybe he was the one for you, maybe not.  Maybe the time just isn’t right now.  Don’t give up.   Love will find you again and it will be so incredible that it will make you weep.  In the meantime, have fun, enjoy your blessed life and hold dear that, although it’s not the same love you’ve recently lost, you have a bazillion fans, friends and family who love you and your music and are thankful for sharing such a personal part of your life.

Your honesty has touched me in a way that I wasn’t expecting and I’m not sure how I feel about being the only person in the theater sobbing.  I felt your pain.  I’m still feeling it.  I’ve felt it before.  My heart still aches for your pain and your loss of love and loss of your fairy tale.   But, as I said and as you know, you are blessed.  Be thankful for all you have experienced and stay bright and shiny.  You are a firework!

Smile.  🙂

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