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I’ve been asked recently to help a friend (a special effects artist) build a haunted house for charity for Halloween, something I’ve helped with in the past.  But just the other day during discussions he brought up “The Doll Room” and asked if I can get my hands on some old dolls to creep out the room.  MY POINT EXACTLY!!

What I mean is, have you ever noticed that dolls almost always play a really bad role in horror movies.  Especially those damn china dolls.

Dolls are always popping up in horror movies to add some ominous effect.  I’m not sure how a child’s toy ended up portraying something evil, but then again, I wonder who designed some of these things.  I mean, seriously?  These are kids’ toys, right?

Tell me that thing’s not creepy!

Regardless of how the china doll originated, you can nearly guarantee that she’ll end up in a scary movie; Stone faced, eyes flickering…or opening on their own; acting aloof but (un)knowingly planning your demise; moving into the light from the depths of darkness.  Creepy.

I never had a china doll.  I’m thinking my parents knew better.  But I did have a doll with those rolling eyes and I hated it.

Eyes open. Eyes closed. Eyes open. I see you.

Again, whose idea was it to put opening and closing eyes on a friggin’ doll!?  No wonder so many kids have nightmares.   Whoever designed them – *sigh* – you couldn’t paint a smile on their faces?  You couldn’t make them look a little more angelic?  A little less sinister?  A little less like psychotic murderers?   Leave me my Barbies and Care Bears, PLEASE!

I am nearly certain that these toys go unplayed with.  Who would want to play with something that is more likely to make you s**t your pants than want to cuddle.  If anyone had ever given me that type of doll as a child you can guarantee it would have gotten locked in a drawer and the person who gifted it would have gotten slapped!  Horrible gift!

You may as well give a kid a Chucky doll to play with because they’re pretty much the same thing.

Wanna play??

The china doll sits right up there with a clown.  (I mean, there aren’t many things much scarier than a clown! WORST.IDEA.EVER!!!)

Who wants this guy at their next birthday party??

Even “Toy Story 3” knew what side the doll was on and it wasn’t the “Good” side….poor Big Baby….you almost feel sorry for him…evil freak.

Big Baby…..scary ass toy!

So, the next time you’re watching a movie and you see that damned doll sitting on a shelf or left on a floor in a playroom, you can pretty much guarantee that the movie is gonna end up being scary as hell and the doll will make another appearance at some point.  They usually do.  They’re never a good sign.



3 responses

  1. Amy

    I have not read anything as damn scary ad your little speel! And what doll did I give you that was scary?

    August 21, 2012 at 10:58 pm

  2. The doll I’d referred to I don’t think you gave me. I think it came from England. She had a blue and white dress, blonde hair and was creepy as hell…most of the time.

    August 22, 2012 at 8:37 am

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