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A Good Boy

I just had to post this.

Two nights ago Blair and I had dinner with my family, including my brother, S-I-L, and nephews.   J., who is 7 had showed me his wiggly tooth earlier on (he and Abby think it’s funny to gross me out with their wiggly teeth and eventual holes in their faces. *barf*).  Partway thru dinner J. was eating a roll and when I looked at him he had his finger over his lips like he was pondering or deep in thought.


I asked him what he was doing and he half smirked but said nothing so I figured he just had a mouthful of dinner roll.  But, as it turned out he had lost his tooth.  😀

Of course, there was a little excitement and poor little A. (who is 4) was a little sad because he still has quite some time before his teeth are wiggly like J.’s.

Last night I called J. and asked him if the tooth fairy came.  He said “YES!!  And she brought me FIVE DOLLARS!!”

I could hear my mother chattering in the background so I asked him what he did with the money the tooth fairy left him. “I gave it to A.”

What?  Who does that?  Not normally a 7 year old!

I said “J., you are such a good boy.  That was a very nice thing to do.”  His reply….”Yeah, it was.”

Obviously Aunt Sandy is gonna sneak him a treat or slip him another 5 bucks.  I’m very proud.


PS Sorry Cat.  xoxoxoxo



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