Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

~Choose Your Own Adventure~

For a couple of years now I’ve been trying to get Blair to take a trip anywhere to Mahone Bay with me.  It’s only an hour, maybe a little more, away but  the atmosphere is completely different than where we are.  It’s a beautiful little tourist trap where several movies/tv shows (including Haven) have been filmed.  It’s very New Englandy and I have been wanting to get back there for a while.

But something always comes up or a fiasco happens and our plans get ruined.  So a few weeks ago I decided I would venture out on my own and  I have been looking forward to the adventure.

I got up early Saturday morning to get ready and head out.  I promised Amy K. that I would stop by and visit during her garage sale.  So once I got there, plans changed somewhat and she decided to go with me.  Which was fine.  An adventure on your own is fine and dandy but an adventure with a friend is a hoot!

I was so ecstatic when we finally made the curve and found ourselves in Mahone Bay.  The marina was to our left and there were beautiful sailboats everywhere.

Mahone Bay Marina


I’m not going to post everything because it’s not as exciting if you’re not there….but following are some of the more interesting and humorous things from our day.

We stopped at this mom and pop ice cream & antiques store – seriously, it’s called Dad’s and Mom’s:

Ice Cream and Antiques

Amy got an ice cream cone…I tripped over a chair trying to take a picture of this creepy-ass doll.  This thing is worse just as bad as those damn China dolls (https://welcometosandyland.wordpress.com/2012/08/21/china-dolls/).  Her eyes followed me everywhere *shudder*.

Forget the China dolls, this thing is just creepy!

Here I am getting my photo taken with my handsome new boyfriend….sorry Blair…every woman loves a man in uniform.

Aw honey, don’t be shy.

We stopped at this terrific little bakery…..

If only it tasted as good as it looked.

But EVERYTHING was made of soap.

So pretty…and mostly smelled so good. But my allergies kicked in and I lost my voice and we had to leave.

We did some shopping at other little spots – lots of jewelry and antiques

I bought some great items here.

And I realllllllly wanted this:


Several places had designated spots for hubs:

See? Blair would have been right at home here.

And one shop had this guy outside:

“Please play with me.” *Sad Face*

He talked and sang to us thru the screen door.  Poor boy just wanted someone to love him.

Eventually we stopped at Mader’s Wharf Pub for lunch.  We first sat on the deck for a drink (I had a huge glass of water on the rocks).

Trying to look chic as I guzzle

But it got a little chilly and this damn crow would not shut up!

See the little effer??? Loud and OBNOXIOUS!

So we moved inside to a different atmosphere:

1) Dead animals mounted as decor (aside from the rhino I saw deer and birds…)

2)  There was a crazy group of hat ladies there.  we never did find out what their “tour” was for but they seemed to be having fun…and there were tons of crazy/obnoxious hats.  I think I’m gonna start a club.

3) The Crab Guy

Are you a fisherman? Because it seems you have crabs.

He was constantly staring and I counted FOUR times he grabbed/adjusted his crotch.  Right there.  In public.  Didn’t try to hide it or avert anything.  Just gave himself a little tug.

I joked to Amy “He must be a fisherman because it’s apparent he has crabs.”  It was funny at the time.  Wait.  It’s still funny.  (And honestly, do I even need to mention the lame matching shirt and do-rag??)


While we waited  for lunch to arrive I drew some art:

And attempted a good pose:

Strike a Pose

Then I became the photographer and snapped Amy chowing down.

Lunch was delish!

After lunch we shopped some more and found these precious goodies:

Amy’s new book. I’ll never look at cookies the same way again.

*sigh* If my life were only this simple

I would love to hand these out for others to wear 🙂 (Would that make me a douche bag?)

Eventually the sun began to set and the shoppes closed their doors and we headed back to our neck of the woods.  But all in all it was a great day! A great little adventure.









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