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“The Witch at the Window”

I still find the cover creepy

When I was 8 or 9 or 10 I read a book called “The Witch at the Window” by Ruth Chew.  As some of you know, I have always loved to read and zipped thru Nancy Drew novels, The Babysitters Club and even Archie Comics….but “The Witch at the Window” is one of those books that has always stuck with me.

It was suspenseful and thrilling and entertaining for my young mind.  And something about that witch on the cover always freaked me out.  In fact, I used to flip the book over so she wasn’t staring at me I couldn’t see her.

I have this book somewhere and more than likely it’s in the attic above my parents’ garage along with my Cinderella book and Barbie Dolls and whatever else I hung onto is leftover from my childhood (which is actually quite a lot).  Eventually I’m going to climb up there and dig it out.  To read for myself and perhaps to read to Abby.  But mostly for myself.  😉

Oh Nostalgia.






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