Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Today is My Birfday!


That’s right, y’all.  TODAY IS THE DAY!

I woke up really early so that I could meet up with my sister-in-law, Cat.  Her bday was 2 days ago so we had Birthday Breakfast together.  It was lovely.  🙂    And delicious.

After breakfast I went straight to the eye doctor.  Not necessarily where I wanted to be this morning but I had to go.  While I was waiting to get in I got an unexpected birthday phone call from Ottawa from Yahtzee girl, Anic.  Thanks Anic.  It was a pleasant surprise.

I waited only a few minutes before getting called it.  My friend Deanna works in this office and she’s usually good at getting me in quickly.  Which is good because I am impatient and have a broken tailbone and don’t want to wait.  When Deanna took me in to the first room this is what waited for me:

Another nice surprise.

This note was hanging from the eye chart.  And she had a yummy birthday muffin for me.

Yum Yum

The eye doctor was sweet too…wishing me a good day and agreeing that it wasn’t the place I should be spending my morning.  But it could be worse.

I visited my mom and went for my walk (since I’m not permitted to do strenuous exercise for many weeks I’ve been walking daily – exercise is exercise), watched a little of the tube then went on tour as I had errands to do.  I visited my mom’s work and my work and Angie Whoreface’s work and then had to finish more errands.  A lot of strangers wished me a Happy Birthday, I can’t imagine why….

I’m so modest.

Once done I headed to my parents’ for Birthday Dinner Fam Jam.  My brother, SIL and nephews were also in attendance.  Birthday cake is always better when those little boys are around.

It’s kind of a birthday cake….and it’s Chocolate. Mmmm..

Unfortunately, I had my class tonight…which SUCKED.  The class itself did not suck but a) it’s my birthday (duh) b) my eye is tired and droopy and patchy and oozing c) my tailbone is broken and I have to sit in a shitty chair for nearly 3 hours straight.  Uncomfortable.

But, I’m home now.  I’ve had a blast reading all my Facebook birthday messages (which are still ongoing), my texts and my tags.  I love being the center of attention.  🙂

So, I’ve had a great day.  Had some fun.  Have the rest of the week to look forward to.  And my eyeball hasn’t fallen out.  🙂

Birthday Week continues.  Wish you all were here.



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  1. fashionforlunch

    Have a wonderful birthday week!

    October 4, 2012 at 3:22 am

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