Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Birthday Week Shenanigans

I know how to rock out!

Birthday week carried on as planned.  Shenanigans weren’t as outrageous as previous years because I’m still recovering from surgery, but I’ve still had a great time.

This is how the rest of my week went:

Thursday m0rning Ames and I did some vintage shopping.  She and I haven’t done that in a long time.  I’m not sure if we’ve gone since the twins were born….it’s been a while.  And we had fun!  I bought a dress and a belt for $7.  Not bad.

From there I headed to Blair’s.  I was so excited to see him.  Other than an hour-long visit the day after I got home from the hospital, I really hadn’t seen him in close 2 weeks (did I ever mention that I lost my license the week of my surgery?  Oops.) so I was ecstatic.  We had a mellow afternoon and in the evening he and Abby took me out for birthday dinner.  It was nice.  He let me sleep in a bit the next morning and picked me up a coffee and muffin after dropping Abby off at school…since she missed the bus.  He’s adorable.  We mellowed and we napped and we did some shopping.  It was a good day.

That evening as Blair headed to work I got suckered into volunteered to help my friend Aaron with a haunted house he’s put together for Halloween/charity.  Aaron is ridiculously talented at makeup artistry, effects, scary shit.  I love him.  He’s awesome.  He’s done special effects makeup for movies and zombie walks and other events that require to have the beJesus scared out of you.  (Check out his site here http://phantomfx.ca/ and watch the Beautiful Girl trailer and check him out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Phantom-Fx-Special-Effects-Make-Up-Technicians/111861895532060?fref=ts.)

I wasn’t sure exactly what Aaron wanted me to do that night but I’d planned to stay for 3 or 4 hours….however, I wasn’t prepared for being around the smoke machines and after an hour and a half headed home.  My eye was irritated and itchy and Aaron said my eyesight is more important.  He did give me a run thru at the start of the evening and the Freakshow is scary as hell.  Not intended for little kids for sure.

Once home, I had planned to get settled into my PJs and watch Grimm (my secret indulgence – I’ve got Blair hooked) and hit the sack.


But a little before 10, my friend/former roomie Jesse popped down to borrow a dress for a wedding the next day.  She ended up staying for quite a while and we had a good little visit.  The comical thing is that we were both in hoodies, PJs and braless.  Very classy.

Saturday I ran some errands, had a visit with my friend Deanna (from the eye doc’s office) went for my daily walk and made it home just in time for a visit from BFF Stephanie and her hubs.  She just returned from the US and brought me Birthday coffee, including a pack of Pumpkin Spice (take THAT, Thoughtsy!!)

Mmmmmm…………Cup-a-Jack-O-Lantern, Thoughtsy??

Since Stephanie lives so damn far away, visits with her and few and far between.  I wish I could keep her here.  I’m sure her parents would like that idea too.  But I’ll take her visits any day.

While she and Jason were here, Jesse popped back down to borrow a sweater to go with the dress and shoes, since the day was cooler than expected.   Shortly after Steph and Jay left, Jesse left and them Amy K. showed up.  Saturday was “Sandy’s Birthday Wino Tour” and I was super excited.  Not long after Amy K. arrived, Ames arrived and soon after that we left to meet the other girls.

We arrived for the tour.  This was our transportation:

I really hate public transportation

If you’ve been reading my blog or know me at all, you know that I hate buses.  HATE THEM!  I had stress and anxiety being on this old jalopy.  Especially when we had to come down steep hills.  I was not a happy girl.

The first winery we stopped at was Luckett’s.

Welcome to Paradise

What a lovely winery.  Pete Luckett is a bit of a local celebrity (he owns Pete’s Frootique, has segments on Live at Five, hosts The Food Hunter on the Food Network and writes a news column, to name a few)  so of course I had to get a photo with him:

Me and Pete

We had some tastings (the blueberry wine was wonderful):


“Thru the lips and past the gums, watch out stomach, here she comes.” *Glug*

Consulted with the wine guy:


Serina, Me and Ames

Checked out the in-progress art work:

This started as a blank canvas when we arrived…

And took in the view:

Beautiful, ain’t it? Welcome to my world.

Once we left Luckett’s we hit Gaspereau Winery:

Me and Amy at Gaspereau Winery

And once we left there it was definitely time for food.  We all hit the pub for a groovy dinner and chatter.  Thanks ladies.

Amy K. and I chilled out and watched a movie.  We had intended on going to see live music but we’re old and tired and my eye was ooey gooey.  So yeah, Twister and Bill Paxton took over our night.

In Canada, today is Thanksgiving.  Sunday is the day that many choose to have their feast, as it was for my family.  Amy and I went for a walk and once her sister picked her up for their family din din, I finished making pies and headed out for my family feast.  Good food, good wine, good times with my family and my adorable nephews.  And in the evening Blair and I had a Grimm date and cuddled.

Blair left late this morning, I had a lovely walk and some company (thanks Tanya and Dean).  Now, sadly, Birthday week is over and I have to get back to everyday being boring exciting and adventurous without the benefit of my birthday.  Because, in all honesty, every day is an adventure in SandyLand.



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  1. ::fingers in ears:: I’m not listening!

    Wait…did you say blueberry wine? Yum!

    October 10, 2012 at 10:11 pm

  2. I really love your cardigan!!!!

    October 12, 2012 at 11:35 am

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