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You Witch!

Sticking with my seemingly Halloween-themed posts this week, I want to let you on a little secret from my teenage years: My obsession with wanting to be a witch.

It started in high school and with the release of The Craft.

Kinda like Clueless…only with real bitches witches.

My BFF Steph and I watched it over and over a bunch of times and kind of became fascinated with it.  Not so much with the movie, but with witchcraft itself.  That was back when internet usage was limited (does anyone remember dial up?) so our research was done with books

This book took me forever to read.

…and movies.  We actually came across an old spellbook from the 60’s or 70’s and were determined to try out some spells, although we were deeply warned (yes, warned) not to toy with something we weren’t familiar with and that could be dangerous.  And to 17 year old girls it was so exciting.  It was dangerous and forbidden and unknown (or so it seemed back then) and we were all over it like a fat kid on chocolate (I can say that because I was a fat kid.  AND I love chocolate.).

We would sit in our protective circle, light the wicks of our candles, say a prayer of protection, and then try to chant or cast a spell.  It’s so ridiculous now thinking back to it but in the day, we were having fun.

I still love The Craft, and to tell the truth, I am still interested in the ‘art’ of witchcraft.  It is quite fascinating.  Maybe because it’s new and forbidden territory.

I would only ever practice for good…like Glenda.

Again, while in high school* (*I should mention that many of the books on our English curriculum mention witches or witchcraft:  MacBeth, The Crucible, Saint Joan – these books were mandatory reads for Grade 12 English), I wrote a huge – HUGE – sociology paper on The History of “Witchcraft of the World” (or something to that effect).  I got an A and keep that paper in my portfolio {to reflect my incredible writing efforts – hehe}.

There is something about the element of the unknown that is exciting.  That gives you a chill and a jolt and sends shivers down your spine.

A) I wanna go here. B) The Salem witches would be the SHIT now!!

A few years ago I fell in love with the show Eastwick because it was a show about witches for grown ups – and I love Lindsay Price.

Eastwick – with Rebecca Romijn, Jamie Ray Newman and my girl (and 90210 alum) Lindsay Price.

…And last year’s Secret Circle was fun to watch but it was aimed for a high school-aged audience.

Maybe my former fascination is why I like Grimm so much (have I mentioned in my blogs at all that I love Grimm? Hmmm??).  It’s fun to watch the scary fairy tales unfold.  To watch a world of make believe unravel into reality.  To live, for one hour, in a world where magic does exist.  It’s romantic…in that gothic kind of way.

Oh Goth….Ain’t love grand?

I think we have Anne Rice to thank for that…..And Buffy!


**Okay, I’m posting the following pic because I love you all and really don’t give a crap anymore.

Um, me, when I was about 20. Why didn’t someone tell me to stop eating, y’all?


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  1. Love this post! See, there a so many pop culture elements that involve witches that I don’t even know about! I need to start watching and reading some of the stuff you mentioned here.

    I don’t know if you’re into this stuff as well, but I also have a post on magical stuff like faeries….lol


    September 26, 2013 at 2:16 pm

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