Welcome to SANDYLAND!!

Where Are My Socks??

Each spring I pack up my socks…I roll them together and tuck the tops in and stuff them in my sock drawer.  In late fall when the weather starts to cool and I can no longer get away with wearing flip flops or open toed shoes, I begin the task of looking for my socks.  And each year I have the same outcome….no socks.  Where the EFF are my socks?  Does this happen to other people?  Is there a sock conspiracy?  Is there a bandit who sneaks in over the summer and rips me off of my footwear?

Socks? What socks??

This morning I was digging around in the drawer, desperate for a pair of socks to cover my tootsies (partly to keep warm and partly to prevent my new boots from ending up smelling like a bag of moldy cheese) and…nuthin’!  WTF?  WHERE are my socks???

The only pair of decent socks I could find are my gym socks and I didn’t want to wear those.  I came up with a (possibly) mis-matched pair of men’s socks and I I honestly don’t even know whose they are? (I’m assuming they belong to the man b/c sometimes I steal his…which them leaves the question: where are the socks I stole from him???).

I no see your socks…I swear.

I have no idea what’s going on with my socks but it looks like I’m going to have to purchase some new ones.  And I think when Spring arrives next year and the warm weather warrants sockless feet I may hide tracking devices in the socks that are being stowed away for a few seasons.


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