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Party Shoes

A beautiful design that I’d happily wear

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a show fanatic.  I love shoes.  LOVE THEM!  Especially a high heel (my most recent shoe purchase is a vibrant red suede high-heeled booty).  And I thought since Christmas and New Years are just around the corner, I’d post a few great sets of party shoes.  I would love to have any of these on my wish list.

This first pair – the emerald-colored satin – are what prompted me to begin this post.  I want them.  So pretty and festive.

It’s not easy being green…unless you’re these shoes

Perfect for glitzing in the New Year or for some added sparkle around the Christmas tree.

Something kinda romantic

Love Love Love these….but they wouldn’t go well with my cankles, *sad face*

A little suede goes a long way

A pop of color with an LBD a la Cameron Diaz…so pretty

One of my favorite pairs of shoes – ever….again, Cameron Diaz knows shoes

I do love a good booty…and the more, the merrier

Pretty in Pink and Dramatic

So there you have it….a beautiful collection of festive shoes for holiday parties, dancing and being pretty.  Last Christmas I wore my gold sparkly Steve Madden stiletto platforms:

Dear Shimmery Shoes: I *heart you*

More than likely I’ll wear these again because they’re so darn pretty and, in all honesty, how often will I have the opportunity to wear them?


PS – These shoes have been on my *LOVE* list for a long time too:

Part tacky. Part Flare.

2 responses

  1. Have you ever looked at irregular choice shoes, they are a bit nuts, but sometimes cool. I can’t wear them though, with my clothes it’s all too much colour!!!!

    November 22, 2012 at 5:25 pm

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