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So, have you tried coconut water?  It’s (apparently) the new craze, but it’s also so good for you and totally delish.   And it’s not overwhelmingly coconutty…although I love coconut…especially when it’s covered in chocolate.  But that’s a whole other post.

I bet this would taste good with vodka…..

Here are some of the health benefits of coconut water:

– Low in carbs and sugars and is 99% fat free

– Keeps the body cool and hydrated

– Raises your metabolism and promotes weight loss and boosts poor circulation

– Detoxifies and fights viruses and cleanses your digestive tract and boosts your immune system

– Balances your PH and reduces risks of cancer; aids in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes and AIDS

– Relieves urinary problems and breaks up kidney stones

– Is antibacterial

– Helps control vomiting

These are just some of the great benefits of coconut water.  It’s a wonderful hydrant for a post workout and tastes great mixed with vodka.

There are tons of companies now jumping on this bandwagon and many different brands to choose from so if you’re planning to pick some up be sure to check the nutritional labels to ensure you’re getting what you want.

I’ve seen it recently packed along the aisles in the produce department at the grocery store (and at the dollar store!!) but you can also check out the shelves of your grocery store.   For years it’s been in regular aisles alongside coconut milk and water chestnuts, etc.  so you can check there for smaller cans.

If you try the water and find that it is a little too coconutty for your liking just add a splash of regular water to downplay the taste.   You’ll still get all the benefits and some of the great taste.

Mmmm…I feel like I’m on a warm sunny tropical beach….



3 responses

  1. Amy

    So where did you buy yours at? I have been meaning try some but never think of it at the time

    November 17, 2012 at 4:51 pm

  2. I got mine at the dollar store, of all places. And you know what? a) it’s really good b) it’s better than the one I found at the grocery store…which had pulp which equaled out to more calories, etc.

    November 18, 2012 at 2:07 pm

  3. I try and drink this, but I really don’t like the taste, it’s super expensive too! I feel like it just tastes like dirty water!!!!

    November 22, 2012 at 5:24 pm

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