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Happy Birthday Mr. Dressup!

Highlights from my childhood – Mr. Dressup, Casey and Finegan

If you’re Canadian (and semi-old like me) you  might should remember Mr. Dressup.  If you don’t…then you’ve been, what?  Living under a rock maybe?

Mr. Dressup was a CBC classic that ran from 1967 to 1996, and the title character, Mr. D himself, was played by Ernie Coombs.   Mr. Dressup is iconic in Canadian history.  His show was directed at preschoolers – teaching preschool subjects, playing games with Casey & Finegan (and anyone else who happened to stop by), singing songs and reaching into the Tickle Trunk to find a cool costume to dress Up in.

Ahh…the mysterious Tickle Trunk and its endless possibilities.

Mr. Dressup was a kind man and each day my brother and I would settle in to watch and see what events would occur or what games would be played or what lesson we would learn.  Each episode was a fulfilling experience.

Today, November 27th, 2012, would have been Ernie Coombs’ 85th birthday.  (Sadly, Mr. Coombs died in 2001 from a stroke.)  In his honor and memory, Google Canada’s search bar today was the following:

A lovely tribute to a great man….thanks Google.

What a nice surprise for Canadians using Google today….to see such a tribute.  I’m sure it brought back wonderful memories from childhood for many people.  In a time where Internet, Smart phones and iPads are a way of life, isn’t it nice to reflect on simpler (and happier) times?  However, I hope Mr. Dressup gets to live on via Youtube*.


*Just a note, Ernie Coombs did not like to use a computer.  All of his fan letters were written by hand.  Warms your heart, doesn’t it?

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